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Adorable Handmade Tea Cups and Teapots

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What modern kitchen is complete without a beautiful teapot? Many folks swear by tea as a natural motivator and stress relaxant. But serving any delicious brew takes some time and boiling water.

Granted you can find simple teapots & tea cups in common housing goods shops.

But what about getting your own truly customized set of tea accessories? Below I’ve listed a handful of beautifully hand-crafted teacups and teapots shaped like animals, objects, and painted with lots of with wacky designs.

Lionel Richie Teapot

teapot handdrawn lionel richie customized


bmo beemo adventure time design teapot custom

Ceramic Cactus

ceramic decoration teapot cactus green

Brick Red with Strainer

brick red teapot strainer design custom

Curly Green

miniature teapot photo curly green vines

Skull and Sun

skull sun teapot artwork design customized

Halloween Witch’s Brew

purple teapot design witch brew halloween


red christmas snowman teapot design etsy

Georgeous Blue & White Teapot

colored painted handmade teapot blue white etsy

Manhattan Skyline

ceramic manhattan skyline new york city inspired teapot

Apple Green Teapot

etsy apple green white accents teapot design

Porcelain Crow

dark black crow teapot artwork customized etsy

Cobalt Blue Tea Set

dark blue teapot teacups etsy custom order

Red & Gray Spots

red grey checkered pattern spots teapot design

Desert Creature

orange yellow teapot cornucopia teapot etsy

Lighthouse Teapot

etsy custom teapot artwork painting

Vintage Gold Swirl

vintage sadler golden swirl china teapot etsy

Drink Me

drink me alice in wonderland blue teapot etsy

Alice in Wonderland Tea Set

illustration artwork teapot teacups alice in wonderland

The Coffee House

cute teapot custom etsy coffee house shape building

Calligraphic Teapot

cobalt blue designs illustration teapot calligraphy

Primitive Vintage

vintage primitive teapot mexico etsy custom

Tropical Green Teaset

teacups teapot green leaves design etsy

Dining/Entertainment Mug

custom cup mug entertainment home utensils etsy

Picasso Faces

ceramic teapot custom etsy picasso design faces

Grinny Teapot

halloween grin skeleton face teapot etsy
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