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35 Best Kitchen Wall Clocks For Sale Online

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Every kitchen needs a clock for timing meals and counting the minutes ‘till dinner. But the style of clock you hang on the wall dramatically affects the room’s decor.

So you wanna pick a clock that blends with your home and that helps define the room’s accents.

I’ve collected 35 of my favorite wall clock designs that should fit perfectly with any kitchen. Take a look over this list and see if anything catches your eye.

Watermelon Clock

watermelon clock

Who doesn’t love some juicy red fruit on a hot summer’s day? And there’s no better way to keep this feeling year-round than with a watermelon wall clock.

You can find tons of hand-made styles each with their own shapes and sizes.

Plus all the varying shades of red are more than enough to get you giddy for summertime treats. From green rinds to speckled seeds there are tons of gorgeous watermelon clocks to fit your abode.


Amour Cafe

amour clock

Old-school cafes use bright wood interiors to grab attention and sell the atmosphere. With this amour cafe clock you can recreate the coffee hut right in your kitchen.

It’s got some faded design accents and ornate hands that practically jump off the wall.

Plus the creator has two different sizes: 11″ and 16″ so you can pick whichever style fits best in your kitchen.

In fact you can find dozens of clocks on their shop page so try browsing around to see what other styles they’ve got.


Chef Designs

wooden chef clock

When I think of a great meal I think of my grandfather cheffing up delicious food for the family. A chef wall clock always reminds me of his delicious meals.

These designs would be perfect for anyone who has a chef in the family, or even someone who considers themselves a hobbyist chef.

Cooking is very much a creative task so it helps to add some creativity into the room where all the magic happens. A nice chef wall clock is sure to spice up that environment.


Cutting Board Clock

cutting board clock

Another food-inspired design is a cutting board wall clock made from repurposed cutting boards.

Each of these designs are handmade so it’s tough to find an exact replica. But that’s also the beauty of these clocks: they’re uniquely yours and they add a personal touch to your kitchen.

You’ll find dozens of cutting board wall clocks all with different wood tones and sizes.

But if you spot a design that would fit perfectly in your kitchen don’t hesitate to pick it up. You never know if someone else will snag it first!


Metal Wine

metal wine clock

I see a lot of wine clocks online and this metal wine design is probably my favorite.

I always liked metal clocks for modern interiors because they look simple and so lightweight(despite some being pretty heavy!).

And if you’re a big wine lover there’s good reason to have wine on the mind whenever you check the time.

But you can always try searching wine clocks to see what other designs are out there.

Some artists hand-paint wine designs onto wooden clocks while others redesign clocks to fit the shape of a bottle. No right answers, just lots of variety to pick from.


Boxed Yellow

boxed yellow clock

With a bright yellow center and a gorgeous border this large yellow boxed clock looks incredible on any wall.

The design makes it easy to tell the time from any distance. Not to mention the colors really jump off the page and feel like true accent colors.

You may have trouble finding similar boxed clocks because these are all handmade items. But the Paladim shop makes hundreds of custom decor items so there’s bound to be a few others you’ll love.


Juicy Pineapple

pineapple clock

Pineapples pack one heck of a punch with tropical overtones and the scent of island living.

With a pineapple wall clock you can add some island life into your kitchen. These come in different colors and sizes yet they all help you check the time like a pro.

I personally like the pineapple print clocks because they use so much color. But the pineapple shaped clocks from wood & metal can also blend in with the right kitchen or dining environment.

And if you want even more pineapple home decor then take a look at our collection of pineapple decorations.


1950s Retro Clock

1950s wall clock

Classic Americana decor revolves around decades long passed. And the 1950s was one of the few decades with a very distinct look for American interiors.

Take a peek at the various 1950s-style wall clocks you can find on Etsy. So many new ones get posted every month and some are even hand-crafted to replicate the look of the times.

There’s so much variety with some being very simple and others using large bubbles and oversized hands.

But for a vintage designer this is one of the best wall clock styles you can chase.


Food Pattern

food pattern clock

Here’s a rather simple yet elegant design you can use for any kitchen. This food patterned wall clock includes patterns from food designs on a canvas over a circular design.

Personally the lack of any numbers throws me off. But I do enjoy simplicity and this clock has it in spades.

Not to mention the built-in hanger on the back makes this super easy to mount on your wall.

But you can also check out the BatLab shop for more clocks and other unique items for your home.


Meat & Beef

meat beef clock

Are you a big meat eater who just loves grilling outdoors? Then check out this meat & beef clock custom-made from a warm homey pattern.

This one also has no numbers so it won’t work for everyone.

However the print pattern is exquisite and you can even request a custom order for this clock to include numbers. Pretty cool!

The shop SolPixieDust is based out of Cyprus so it may take a while for shipping. But every clock is handmade and tailored to fit whatever specifications you need.

Anyone who lives and breathes for the grill should make room on their wall for this awesome design.


Black Granite

black granite clock

Dark, simple, elegant, and easy to read at a glance. This best describes what the ideal clock would be and it’s why this dark stone clock made my list of kitchen clock recommendations.

It’s a handmade item with granite on the face and wood for hanging.

The hands look incredibly ornate for the design but they fit well. Not to mention this thing uses a German quartz motor for the clock so it’s one of the best you can get.

If you wanna see more options or place a custom order you can visit the main clock shop which has its own wall clock section.


Round Slate Clock

traditional wall clock

You’ll see these large round slate clocks at bistros and fancy restaurants everywhere. If you wanna turn your home into a fancy-shmancy eatery then you’ll definitely want one of these.

Lots of designers create their own unique styles but one thing about slate clocks is they always look pretty similar.

This means you can find pretty much any size, any weight, and any material you want.

Some clocks use roman numerals, others use a mix of digits with dash marks and some don’t even use numbers.

Tons of variety with this style and the black & white minimalism blends with any kitchen.


Citrus Lemon

citrus lemon clock

To get a little citrus into your life why not grab a lemony wall clock to adorn over your kitchen!

These come in many different styles with full lemon shapes, clock face backgrounds, and even some with a mixture of yellow & pick for the pink lemonade lovers.

If you find a really nice one you could even set up this clock in a guest room or in your dining room.

Lemons add vivacity into the room with their shining yellows and brilliant ovular shapes.


Rustic Clocks

wooden wall rustic clock

Rustic decor is very popular with millions of homes worldwide. If you like this style and wanna take it a step further check out these rustic wall clocks.

Most should fit in with any kitchen and they’ll add a very at-home feel to the room.

The vast majority are handmade so it’s tough to find replicas for each one.

Yet with so many different wood types, finishes, and color schemes for the numerals you’re bound to find something out there to match with your tastes.


Old-School Diner

diner clocks

Retro diner clocks can feel outdated but at one point they were a huge part of the culture.

Now you can find a lot of these diner wall clocks for sale either repurposed or handmade from scratch.

The old school design style doesn’t always work but it’s a really cool approach if you enjoy the Americana decor style.

And you’ll find everything from bright red clocks to the classic “Eat At Joe’s” diner clock designs(plus a whole lot more).


Vintage Coffee Shop

vintage coffee shop clock

If you can’t survive without your coffee then rest assured you’re not alone.

And if you wanna decorate around this love of caffeine look into getting a coffee shop wall clock. These usually include paintings or decals of coffee cups with the classic Parisian chalkboard finish.

Each coffee shop clock feels very European with a hint of 1800’s elegance.

Plus if you dig around you can find many other styles worth nabbing.


Pink Flamingos

pink flamingos clock

Pink always grabs attention and usually adds some energy into every room.

If you want something subtle yet noticeable try a pink flamingo wall clock for your kitchen.

Generally I find pink works great with food so it certainly won’t ruin a meal. Not to mention this bird is a wonderful companion to any kitchen with a lady who loves pink.


Shabby Chic

shabby chic clock

The shabby chic look places aged items over anything else. Some are purchased aged while others are made brand new and designed to look aged.

You can find lots of shabby chic clocks online that’ll fit perfectly inside a kitchen.

Granted these come in many different colors, sizes, styles, shapes and decorative patterns.

But you won’t find any better examples of shabby chic handmade clocks than on Etsy. So many dedicated shops even create their own from scratch so it’s not crazy to request your own custom design.


Vintage Electric

electric wall clock

Electric cabled wall clocks feel like a thing of the past but you can still grab some from resellers.

I usually equate these more to commercial kitchens where they’d use plugged-in clocks to avoid battery replacements. If you want a similar feel in your kitchen then browse through these electric clocks and see what you think.

A lot of them do feel straight from the 1950s but others have a more modern look.

Either way if you like this style then it’ll fit right in at your house or apartment.


Bon Appetit

bon appetit clock

This design was too good to pass up because it has so many things going for it.

All the little chef paintings are gorgeous and I welcome them above numerals. Not to mention the clock hands are shaped like a fork & knife. How cool is that?

It’s all made from birch plywood and with some distressed burning effects you’ll notice this clock is truly unique.

The seller doesn’t seem to make many of these but you can always try contacting to get more if this is out of stock.


Large Spokes

large spokes clock

For a modern and futuristic decor style you may like this protruding spokes clock with one of the strangest designs I’ve ever seen.

The numbers clearly stand off from the face and create a spoke & wheel pattern.

Yet the clock hands are still easily visible so it does serve a functional purpose too.

I wouldn’t say every kitchen can work with this but it’s certainly a brilliant piece if you can blend it nicely with the room.

And you’ll find a bunch of other clock designs on the HappyTimeClock shop page.


Whiskey Bottle

whiskey jack daniels clock

Nothing says party like a whiskey bottle clock hanging over your kitchen door.

All of these designs come handmade from real bottles and shaped to match the clock hands.

Because these are so oddly proportioned they feel more like decorations than full clocks. Plus it can be tough telling what time it is without numerals.

Still a really cool design if you wanna add some whiskey to your cooking station.


Apple Clock

apple clock

From granny smith to red delicious and everything inbetween, there’s a lot to love about apples.

With a smooth apple wall clock in your home you can bring the feeling of an apple orchard right into your kitchen.

There are so many designs from apple-shaped clocks to faces with apple paintings in the background. But they’re all stunning and with this much variety there’s something here for everyone.


Burger Clock

cheeseburger clocks

On the flip side you might want your kitchen to remind you of a delicious cheeseburger with the works.

That’s why a neat hamburger clock could work better for meat lovers and grill enthusiasts.

Some of these clocks just look cheesy with photos of hamburgers on the face. I really like this design because it uses wood engraving rather than a full-color shot.

But again there’s so much to choose from that there’s no way you can’t find something.


Contemporary Wall Clock

white contemporary clock

Looking to get a little more subtle and simple with your accents? Then pick up a contemporary wall clock for your kitchen.

This runs very little risk of being out of place because contemporary styles are so easy to blend with.

Most of these clocks come with flat markers for the numbers and they usually have basic color schemes. Black and white is the most common but you’ll also find some with silver & gold accents, along with some wood designs.

Generally speaking this is a pretty safe choice for any kitchen and it’ll add a touch of class into the room.


Square Wood Clock

square clock wood design

You can do so much with wood and I’m still amazed at the furniture I see online.

One example is this wooden clock using a rectangular design with offset wooden planks. The bright yellow markers along with the second hand jump out and guide you to the current time.

There’s an almost endless supply of custom clocks all made with wood in varying shapes, sizes, and colors.

No matter what decor style you prefer it can usually mesh with some type of wood.


Hot Dog Clock

hot dog clock

If you look for humor over fashion then this hot dog clock is a real beaut.

The dog jumping into the bun is perhaps the funniest drawing I’ve seen all week. But it’s also a practical clock with three different sizing options and three choices for clock hand colors(white, red, and black).

You can contact the main shop for information on getting a custom ordered design with this one.


Minimalist Design

white minimalist clock

Despite the name you can do a lot with minimalist home design. The idea is to usually have less stuff, but you can also have lots of stuff without the extra frills.

This all-white clock is a great example with a very flat face and a simple design. It should mesh nicely onto the wall of any kitchen.

But the idea of minimalism lives on with many other cool designs out there.

Take a look at some other clocks with this same style. You never know if you’ll find one that catches your eye.


Pizza Clock

black pizza clock

I’m sure many people worldwide agree that pizza is just plain delicious.

And if you wanna showcase this love for pizza pie check out these pizza wall clocks. Some are handmade while others are vintage items from prior decades.

My favorites are the pizza peel designs crafted from real pizza peels.

And since pizzas are circular it should come as no surprise that a pizza clock just feels right at home.


Fish Clock

pine bass fish clock

Anyone looking for a more aquatic style might like these fish wall clocks.

Many of these also come handmade with unique designs of popular fishes. Carps, flounders, bass and even bright colorful fish clocks are all out there waiting for an owner.

Plus you can find these in many different styles with minimalist accents, simple colors or multicolored designs, plus varying materials from metal to wood.


Cow Clock

cow black white clock

When it comes to barnyard animals it seems cows are beloved by many. And you can show your love for all things dairy with a cow kitchen wall clock for your kitchen.

Again these come in many different styles with prints, paintings, or simple single-color clocks.

You can even find some that are shaped like cows which are pretty darn fun to look at!

If you wanna bring some barnyard love into your kitchen then grab yourself one of these cow wall clocks. Just make sure it’ll match your existing decor first.


Chicken Clock

chicken wall clock

Another popular farm animal is the chicken from which we get our protein-rich eggs. So it makes sense that you’ll also find lots of chicken clocks that blend nicely with kitchen designs.

I find that these clocks go well with rooster decorations too.

Many homeowners like to bring chickens and roosters into the kitchen because these accents go so well together. That’s why these wall clocks can fit with almost any interior.

Plus there are dozens of styles to pick from so you’ve got your pick of the litter with poultry-themed clocks.


Avocado Clock

avocado wall clock

I don’t see these designs too often but veggie clocks are just so adorable. Like this hand-painted avocado clock that uses wood as the center pit and bright green colors for the outer layers.

You’ll notice this clock follows the typical avocado shape so it’s definitely a lot taller than it is wider.

If your wall has room for this then I say go for it! Certainly would add some pizzazz into your kitchen.

But this is a handmade piece so it’s not likely to have much inventory. Instead you can try browsing the shop’s clock category to see what else they have on sale.

Or if you’re willing to contact the seller they might even create another avocado clock just for you.


Mosaic Designs

yellow mosaic wall clock

Bright mosaic patterns and large fractals are both trippy and gorgeous to look at.

While these may not fit well in every kitchen they certainly do bring the room to life. And these mosaic wall clocks offer a ton of variety with every color under the sun.

I actually think these clocks work well in the bathroom too because they connect with the tiling.

But take a look at what’s out there and see what you think. Mosaic clocks are very unique and if you like the design then you’ll find a way to fit it onto your wall.


City Love

phoenix city clock

Last but certainly not least is the custom clocks based on your city. Most handmade clocks let you specify custom orders and city wall clocks are no different.

You can search for any city you like or even contact the seller to get one made for a smaller town.

The cool thing is these blend pretty well so long as you’re living in the city. No need to worry much about matching with a city-named clock.

But there are plenty of city clock design options for matching dark tints, pure white clocks, or wooden faces.

So that’s my whole list! Did you see anything cool you might like?

Take another look and if there’s a clock no longer available try contacting the shop for a redesign. Or if there’s nothing here you really like try browsing other kitchen clocks to see what kinda styles are out there.

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