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Unique Artisan Wall Clocks For Your Home

Wall clocks may be a simple idea, but the designs can get pretty funky to match any decorating style.

In this gallery I’ve organized a small collection of wall clocks from very modern designs to wacky & fun alternatives. There are so many great clocks you can find made by custom designers, and I couldn’t possibly fit them all into this collection. But I’ve tried picking out the most distinct and memorable clocks that might look great hanging on your wall.

Yellow and Black Birds

birds on highwire shadow wall clock custom

Antique Bicycle

cute penny farthing antique bicycle wall clock

Constellation Wall Clock

dark starry constellation clock

Slayer Vinyl Record

slayer band vinyl wall clock custom

Hand-Painted Dragonfly Clock

etsy wall clock swirls dragonflies artwork paint

Collaged Numbers

collaged numbers on ledger sheet wall clock design

Flippin’ the Bird

middle finger fuck you wall clock

Map of Boston

custom wall clock using map boston massachusetts

Atomic Age Palette

paint palette form electric wall clock

Rainbow Colorburst

colorful rainbow wall clock kids room

Industrial Wheel

industrial wheel old upcycled vintage

Arrested Development

custom arrested development bluth family wall clock

Cranes Nearby Mount Fuji

objectify cranes birds mt fuji wall clock

Grid2 with Numerals

colorful grid plywood custom handmade wall clock

Pink Moustache Silhouette

pink mustache silhouette wall clock

Egyptian Pyramid

egypt style pyramid wall clock triangle

Octopus Friend

blue octopus wall clock kids room

Cute Doggy

childrens wall clock dog cartoon custom artwork

Clown Puking Rainbows

clown toilet throwing up rainbow wall clock

Time Flies

dark birds shadows wall clock round time flies

Black & White Clocks

black white clocks wall design customized

F1 Racing Carbon Fiber

f1 racing car fiber wall clock carbon design

Modern Walnut Clock

modern norwahl wall clock circles ticks

White Various Numbers

customized numbers clock face white

I’m Late

late funky collage wall clock handmade

Steampunk Wall Clock

brown pointer hand wheel steampunk wall clock

Art Deco Female

art deco female shadow inlay wall clock

Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar Clock

fender strat shape wooden guitar wall clock

Large Round Wall Clock

simple white round big wall clock home office

I’m the Boss

plywood vintage retro the boss woman clock