20 Upstairs & Attic Bedroom Interiors

An empty attic can be the perfect place to add another room onto your home.

Granted this isn’t an easy task and if you plan to do it yourself you’ll want some resources to help you along. But your upstairs attic can make for a beautiful bedroom space for your kids, relatives or overnight guests.

This gallery proves that attic bedroom designs can be functional and look just like any other room in the house.

Loft with Built-in Beds

upstairs loft attic builtin beds
Credit to Hanley Development

Warren Master Bedroom

custom master bed upstairs room
Photography by Anna Herbst, designed by Idea Space

Skylight Interior

wood panels skylight bedroom interior
Credit to Robert Hornak, designed by Bright Comon(@brightcommon on Instagram)

Kids Bedroom

upstairs attic kids bedroom
Credit to Cardea Building Co.

Bunk Room

wood cabin rustic attic bedroom
Credit to All In The Details Interior Design

Colonial Attic Conversion

transitional 1850s colonial boston attic bedroom
Credit to Joel Gross

Master Bedroom

surrey master bedroom interior
Credit to Penelope Allen Design

Custom Addition

attic bedroom addition light blue
Credit to Modern Yankee Builders & photographed by On The Spot Photo

Bedroom Renovation

renovated bedroom upstairs office area
Photography by Bob Narod, Photographer LLC. Renovation by BOWA

Miami Restyle

custom attic interior bedroom
Photo by Mike Freas Photography

Atlanta Cabin Bedroom

cabin farmhouse bedroom redesign
Credit to Phoebe Howard

Ocean Avenue

portland me attic bedroom kids
Credit to Graham Architects

Modern Loft

modern loft bedroom redesign
Credit to Walk ID & photo by Stuart Cox

Bright Bedroom

bright angled attic bedroom interior
Credit to Carolyn Watson Photography, designed by Boardwalk Builders

Guest Suite

upstairs guest suite living space
Photo by Eric Roth Photography, designed by Kelly Rogers Interiors

Sea Cliff Remodel

sea cliff SF home
Credit to Feldman Architecture

Custom Shades

custom bedroom design new shades
Credit to Fenstermann LLC

Transformed Attic Space

transformed attic princess bedroom
Credit to Don Foote Contracting

Loft-y Bedroom

ladder stairs loft bedroom interior
Photo by Jack Hobhouse, design by Dyer Grimes Architecture

Beach House Design

beach house upstairs bedroom
Photo by Stacy Bass Photography, designed by Bensonwood

Loft Bedroom

upstairs loft bedroom skylights boston home
Credit to A Perfect Placement & photo by Trish Hennessey
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