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10 Easy DIY Balloon Garlands & Table Runners

If you’re looking for fun, easy, and affordable ideas to add some oomph to your table then you’ve come to the right place!

Balloons are vibrant pieces that can jazz up any party. I’ve searched all over the web curating these 11 DIY balloon table runner designs you can put make right at home with stuff lying around the house.

Well, maybe with a quick trip to the crafts store… but these projects certainly won’t break the bank! And you don’t have to spend hours slaving over your crafting table. Nor do you need any extraordinary crafting skills.

Basically you just gotta love decorating and have some time to play with balloons. Awesome right?

1. Modern Balloon Garland

rainbow modern garland

Pretty balloons, fresh flowers and twine are all you need to make this stunning professional-looking balloon garland by Christie Troxell.

Set out matching tableware and linen and you’ve got a winner. Shouldn’t take long either if you follow the instructions on her post.

So what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite party balloons and get started.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – fun365.com


2. Eastern Eggs

easter egg balloon table runner

What could be better for the kids table at your annual Easter brunch than ItsyBelle’s balloon table runner? It’s basically the embodiment fun.

I mean gigantic Easter eggs? C’mon.

What’s more it’s super easy and quick to make but still delivers a gorgeous style.

Paint your favorite Easter egg designs on a few balloons, add some Easter grass and a few plastic candy-filled eggs… you’ve got yourself a party.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Project Nursery


3. Kid-approved Holly Table

red holly centerpiece xmas runner

Using the simplest of materials(red balloons and green construction paper) you can craft this simple but festive Christmas table runner made by Amy at Tonality Designs.

You can even make it a family activity by getting your kids to draw the holly shapes and cut them out.

Wind up the session with some hot chocolate and marshmallows at the table and your kids will have as much fun making the runner as they do enjoying it!

You can even throw in a fake fireplace for the marshmallows and make it a real Christmas around the fire.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Tonality Designs


4. Versatile Balloon Runner

simple balloon table runner

Set the mood for any party be it a birthday, a holiday, or a graduation.

With these versatile balloon table runners and centerpieces you’re guaranteed to wow every guest.

All you need is a few basic household materials and to make sure the balloon colors match your party theme. These garlands styles by Renee at ReneeLovesDIY can be used as indoor and outdoor table decor and won’t take long to make.

This is an ideal choice for last-minute party throwers(it can be our little secret).

Full Instructions and Image Credit – ReneeLovesDIY


5. Simple and Easy Table Runner

pink and purple table runner

If you’ve got a dozen party balloons and a balloon decorating strip you can put together this centerpiece from the DailyHostess in a jiffy.

All you need to do is blow up the balloons to your desired size and then push the tied ends through holes in a garland strip.

What I love most about this design is the versatility. The basic project can be easily modified using balloons of different sizes or dressing up the strand using fresh flowers, foliage, tassels or ribbons. The sky’s the limit!

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Daily Hostess


6. Floral Balloon Runner

floral balloon table runner video

If you thought elegant table decorations had to be wildly expensive then you were mistaken.

Check out talented DIY decorator Tayra Perez put together the most amazing floral table runner using some common Dollar Tree items in this YouTube tutorial.

It’s real easy to follow since the video practically guides you the whole way. And it leaves plenty of room for testing new styles.

If this can’t get your creative juices flowing then I don’t know what will.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – TheTayraPerezProject on YouTube


7. Rainbow Table Runner

rainbow colored table runner diy

Not convinced you can pull off an elaborate balloon garland by yourself? Then this easy-peasy project is made for you.

Even a newbie to crafting & DIY home decor can quickly make this super fun rainbow-themed balloon runner from Cristina Riches.

You can also use these colorful balloon garlands for a kid’s birthday party or a baby shower or anything else you’re hosting. And did I mention it’s super easy to make?

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Bird’s Party


8. Tropical Party Centerpiece

tropical pineapple balloon runner

If you’re throwing a tropical-themed party you can’t go wrong with this fabulous balloon centerpiece from Bird’s Party.

This project pairs yellow balloon with palm fronds and faux Monstera leaves to match the pineapple theme of Bird’s design style. You can experiment with different colors and foliage to create your own unique combinations too.

Or if you wanna go further with pineapples take a peek at our decorating guide full of juicy pineapple styles to match the home.

This bright tropical garland practically fits right in.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Bird’s Party


9. Christmas Bulb Runner

Impress your in-laws with your crafting and hosting skills at this year’s Christmas dinner with a festive ornament centerpiece from Oh Happy Day.

You can even make the balloons a couple of days in advance to save time on decorating. Not to mention you can mix colors or even paint decorative snowmen on the balloons.

Just make sure you don’t anyone how easy and cheap this was to make.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Oh Happy Day


10. DIY Floral-Strung Garland

floral balloon garland runner

Giant helium-filled white balloons attached to mercury hanging globes using boxwood strands make this traditional but unique balloon centerpiece.

Shimmering gum balls fill the mercury globes to match any theme and make sure the balloons stay weighed down. Very classy design and perfect for a bridal shower table or even outdoor entertaining in the summertime.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – fun365

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