Best Dartboard Cabinet Sets In 2024

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For simple fun at home there’s no better game than darts. But finding the right dartboard set can take time.

You can get cheaper dartboards like you find in bars, but I prefer cabinet dart boards that have room to hold everything. These open up so you can keep the darts inside along with papers or a whiteboard for keeping score.

Most are pretty cheap and easy to hang up. And in this guide I’ll cover the best dartboard cabinet sets you can buy for your home.

What To Look For

Every dartboard cabinet is built pretty much the same way. You have an internal dartboard covered by cabinet doors that usually hold the darts.

Inside each door you’ll also find scoreboards using dry erase or a chalkboard. This way the entire game can be recorded from one place without extra materials.

These are the biggest things to consider before buying:

  • Size
  • Build quality
  • Material type
  • Price

The dartboard size will be your biggest concern to make sure you have room on the wall. But you also need to consider the weight and how it performs when you’re throwing darts at a target.

All-in-all the dartboards in this list are phenomenal. Some feel stronger than others, some are cheaper than others, some are larger than others. By looking over this list you should be able to get a good idea of what you want to fit into your home.

So without further ado let’s dive into the dartboards.

Hathaway Centerpoint Dartboard & Cabinet Set

One of the best steel point dartboards in this list is the Hathaway Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard with a full cabinet set.

This set naturally includes the rounded dartboard along with two sets of steel-tipped darts: one American and one British. Both sets are the same shape/size but they make it so much easier to play teams.

Measuring across this dartboard is just over 2 feet wide and just under 2 feet tall. When both doors are fully opened this measures 45″ wide(almost 4 feet).

The backing is a regulation bristle dartboard with a removable ring for the numbers. The craftsmanship alone sells this beast because it’s so strong. But I love the dart styles and the backing.

Plus inside each door you’ll find dual dry erase boards with dart holders on either side.

And if you’re worried about mounting you have two options: either hang on screws from the back or mount from attached hangers on top.

An excellent board for the money and it’ll stand up against anything you throw at it.


  • Dual-tipped steel darts work well for teams
  • Multiple options for hanging


  • Doors can feel a little clunky


American Heritage Athos Bristle Dart Board

If you want a real high-quality experience then you have to try the American Heritage Athos bristle dartboard set. This thing is gorgeous with a refined crown molding made of real solid wood(I think mahogany?).

For this cabinet set the darts rest inside near the dartboard area. This works a little better since the doors don’t feel as heavy when you open them.

And these doors also have score tables but they use chalkboards instead of dry erase boards. Some people might like this, others might not. I think the chalkboard offers a refined aesthetic like you might find in an old-school pub.

The cabinet measures about 28″ across with a foot on either side when opened. It’s also pretty heavy totaling 35 lbs with everything inside. But this shouldn’t be any trouble hanging from the wall and taking a few hits from the darts.

In fact I’m most impressed with the dartboard itself. It’s a cork dartboard and it seems sturdy enough to hold up against anything.

All darts inside are solid black with sharp points and colors for teams. This might be better than the American/British team design in other dart sets.

Really great quality build and a very sharp design. This is a tricky unit to install if you’ve never setup a dartboard cabinet before. But once you get it up it’ll be endless fun for family & guests.


  • High-quality wood with a sturdy build
  • Dart designs are very simple and easy to handle
  • Chalkboard scorekeeping has a classic darts feeling


  • Mounting brackets can take a while to setup
  • A bit pricier than most mid-range dartboard cabinet sets


Goplus Professional Electronic Dartboard

This Goplus Electronic Dartboard takes a modern look at darts with LEDs and electronic scorekeeping.

Right off the bat you’ll notice this board just looks different than most. It’s made of a plastic exterior with all internal electronics for scorekeeping. The darts are made of soft tip plastic and the goal is to get them pinned right into the dartboard itself.

There’s no question this game is a bit tougher than most traditional dartboards. But it also has a refreshing design that gadget lovers will appreciate.

Everything is battery operated on 4 AA batteries so just get this on the wall and you’re good to go. But it comes with an optional AC adapter if you prefer keeping this plugged into the wall.

By default this cabinet works with games for two players and it’s programmed to run 27 different games. But many of these games allow up to 8 players which makes this board great for parties. The LCD is super bright too so there’s no way anybody will miss the score.

Each side door has storage for 6 darts with 12 in total. This comes with red & green darts for playing teams but you can just alternate between sets. The game doesn’t register specific darts but instead registers which player’s turn it is and their score.

Is a digital dartboard right for you? This really depends if you’re okay with the design and feel of a plastic dartboard. It’s far from perfect but for the price and ease of use I do think it’s a great product.


  • Fully electronic reading & scorekeeping
  • Runs on AA batteries or AC power


  • Plastic case is not the classiest design
  • Darts can be tough to land right into the dartboard


TG Beveled Wood Dart Cabinet

With a bright solid pine cabinet and oversized doors I adore the TG Beveled Dart Cabinet. The backing of the board is made from a strong self-healing sisal fiber with a removable number ring.

This definitely feels like a real dartboard and it’s designed to last. The doors are surprisingly tall measuring a bit higher than the dartboard area. Looking at the actual cabinet it measures 21.5″ across and just over 2 feet tall(about 25″).

Inside the doors you’ll find two scorekeeping styles: cricket and an out chart for 301 darts. They both use dry erase markers for keeping score during a game.

Each scorekeeping chart is plenty large enough to read from a distance and the marks wipe away with ease. And the unit is pretty light so you can move the doors out of the way without much effort.

You’ll get 6 steel-tipped darts with two checkered patterns, one red and one black. These darts feel incredibly light but they stick hard into the board.

A complete beginner would have a great time learning darts on this board.

And it looks beautiful hanging on any wall with the larger doors and custom molding. It almost looks like a curio cabinet when closed which can spruce up the room a bit.


  • Strong dartboard material will last for years
  • Two different scorekeeping styles with dry erase boards
  • Lightweight and easy to mount


  • Doors raise higher than the board inside which can be tough to squeeze on your wall
  • Hinges also feel a little loose when opening


NFL Dart Cabinet Set

Football fans will love this NFL Dart Cabinet emblazoned with your favorite team’s logo on the front. You can pick from any of the 32 NFL teams to customize your dartboard cabinet to match your preference.

Made of solid pine wood and a clear finish, this dartboard should match any home and be easy to hang. It measures about 2 feet high and just under 2 feet wide.

This does feel sturdy enough to mount on any wall but you’ll want to test the strength while in use. It weighs about 30 lbs which may be too much for hanging on doors or above windows. But this heavy build also keeps the dartboard firmly in place while playing.

You get 6 steel-tipped darts with the NFL logo of your choice. Each door also has a green chalkboard on the inside for keeping score. These boards come with pieces of chalk and a small erase pad, but you can buy any type of chalk to replace them if needed.

Many dart enthusiasts tend to be sports enthusiasts making this board a nice gift for any football fan. It’s incredibly sturdy and should hold up over years of use.

Definitely an awesome dart board to break out during football season or to hang in your game room year-round.


  • Gorgeous design and very strong construction
  • Darts & chalk have resting spots inside the cabinet
  • Customizable with any NFL team logo


  • Heavy board can be difficult to mount


Viper Metropolitan Steel Tip Dartboard & Cabinet Bundle

The Viper Metropolitan is one hell of a dartboard cabinet. You can actually buy the cabinet separate from the dartboard if you want to save money, but I think it’s worth getting the whole set.

It comes with strong self-healing sisal/bristle fibers and the board itself feels quite sturdy. The darts stick right to the board so this feels like a professional dart set for any occasion.

Inside each door you’ll spot score charts to keep track of the game. These all use dry erase marker which I find a little nicer than chalk(although they feel less professional).

Along with the option to buy just the cabinet or the dartboard + cabinet, you can also pick between 4 different finishes:

  • Oak
  • Cinnamon
  • Espresso
  • Mahogany

All four styles are built similarly and mount the same using a bracket in the back to hang. The whole cabinet is pretty light totaling 20 lbs at most.

There’s plenty of extra space inside the dartboard at the very bottom for storing darts, dry erase markers, and other things you may use during your dart games at home.

The mounting process is also really easy and you can get this up within 5-10 minutes of unboxing. It is one of the pricier options but for what you get it’s a very reasonable purchase.


  • Easy to mount and should work on any surface
  • All 4 finishes are beautiful and can match your room’s design style
  • Lots of room inside the cabinet for extra storage


  • Brass fixtures can look weird on darker finishes
  • Easy to scratch so must be handled cautiously


King’s Head Light Wood Dartboard

Super cheap yet still super fun, this dartboard cabinet set is a wise choice for anyone on a budget.

The King’s Head Dartboard Cabinet Set comes with 6 darts each using the American vs British flags to separate teams. The board itself is made of self-healing sisal fibers and the wood finish is incredibly light(but can feel cheap).

On the exterior you’ll find the logo of “King’s Head” scrawled into the wood. This logo gives a natural pub feeling to the board which some may like, others may hate. But this classic design makes the darts game feel more pub-friendly.

Inside each door you’ll find a chalkboard for keeping score with a cricket-style scoreboard. This cabinet set also comes with two pieces of chalk and an erase wipe.

For the price I’m amazed at how much you get. I certainly would not call this a high-end cabinet, however it is usable and certainly a lot of fun. It only weighs 20 lbs full so you can probably hang this anywhere in your home or apartment.

However on the negative side it does mount in the back on a fairly small wire hook. This can hold the dartboard but it certainly doesn’t exude confidence.

I mostly recommend this for people who rarely play darts, or for people on a budget who don’t expect this to last for years.


  • Super cheap and one of the most affordable dartboards you’ll find
  • Clean design with a regulation dartboard


  • Wire hook mount is not very strong
  • The wood veneer can feel cheap and scratch/break easily


DMI Sports Recreational Dartboard Cabinet Set

One other affordable choice is the DMI Sports Recreational Dartboard Cabinet Set. This set is gorgeous on the outside with an oak finish.

However the inside dartboard is pretty small so it doesn’t seem like a normal regulation board. The entire cabinet measures about 2 feet tall and wide, but for whatever reason the board inside feels shrunken.

Still this works well and you’ll get to play many incredible games of darts from this cabinet set.

One thing not-so-great about this board is the lack of mounting pins in the back. It comes pre-assembled but sadly the poor wood veneer is also an issue.

If you’re looking for a high quality board then check out some earlier options I mentioned.

But if you just need a cheap cabinet dartboard for your home or apartment then this DMI Sports board will fit the bill.


  • Affordable on any budget
  • Easier board for beginners to learn with


  • Sells for cheap and feels cheap
  • Doesn’t come with mounting plate installed


Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

If you like digital darts and want a mid-tier option check out the Fat Cat Electronx Dart Cabinet.

This comes with built-in game levels and many different games you can play with different scoring modes. Everything is counted electronically using the LED display so it’s a lot easier to use.

It does need to remain plugged into an outlet which is one disadvantage of electronic boards.

Still with 38 different games and an option of 8 total players, this dartboard set can be the life of the party at your next get-together.

Each dart tip is designed thinner than most to naturally fall right into the holes. This reduces the bounce out rate and get the dartboard filled a lot easier. This can be an awesome toy for kids who want to learn darts with lower difficulty levels.

The cabinet is super light only weighing about 12 lbs. It measures 20″ wide and just about 2 feet tall. But it’s surprisingly thin with only 2″ in depth from the wall to the front.

It should be obvious already but I’ll state firmly this does not work like a traditional dartboard.

Because the board is mostly plastic & LEDs it doesn’t have that same “feeling” when throwing the darts. This is why I mostly recommend it for beginners or young kids who just want some fun games to play.

Still this is one of the cooler electronic options so if you prefer that style then the Fat Cat dartboard cabinet is the best one to get.


  • Tons of games and difficulty levels to pick from
  • Larger holes in the board make it easier to land darts


  • Feels a bit smaller than most regulation boards
  • Playing darts doesn’t exactly feel the same digitally


Accudart Manchester Dartboard Cabinet Set

Right off the bat I’ll say this dartboard cabinet does feel different than all the rest. It’s made of thinner wood and it has far less space inside the doors.

But the Accudart Manchester Dartboard Cabinet is very sturdy and comes with a true regulation dartboard. It even has a textured rustic design that can match the neutral tone of a furnished basement or a home game room.

Inside each door you’ll find a dry erase board with cricket scoring. However the doors do not have any storage areas themselves, so everything needs to be stored inside the cabinet underneath the board.

I personally don’t like this because it makes the whole thing feel cramped.

On the plus side these thinner doors make the cabinet lighter at only 17 lbs. It measures close to the same size as other boards with about 2 feet in both width & length.

I’m not a huge fan of the shape or the material. I wouldn’t say it’s cheap, but rather just different than what you might expect. A much coarser material and the exterior doesn’t really look like a dartboard cabinet.

One thing I do like is the mounting style on the back with holes drilled into each corner. This makes the entire cabinet a lot sturdier when you’re chucking darts at the board all day long.


  • Clean design with a lightweight feeling to the cabinet
  • Easy to mount in the back and it holds firm while playing


  • No side storage on the doors
  • Wood & board material feel coarser than others


Trademark Gameroom Darts & Dartboard Set

For the money I have to say the Trademark Gameroom Dartboard Set is my personal pick. It’s cheap but not too cheap, sturdy but not too heavy, and it comes with everything you need to play the game.

Each door extends taller above the board creating a unique cabinet design. This works as a nice piece to decorate the room even when it’s not in use.

The exterior uses a dark walnut finish and the total cabinet only weighs about 20 lbs. Inside you’ll find two green chalkboards for keeping score with cricket scoring. You also get two complementary pieces of chalk along with a cleaning wipe to reset scores.

Each of the 6 steel tipped darts have a shiny gold handle that feels like brass or a metal alloy. You’ll get 3 American-styled darts and 3 British-styled darts to play teams.

However the toughest challenge is getting this board on the wall. It comes with directions to mount but they aren’t crystal clear, nor does the hardware exactly match the mounting instructions. It says this comes with screws/bolts but you need to actually buy them to hang properly on the wall.

This is disappointing and it may be a dealbreaker. I find it more of an annoyance, but really this board is cheap so you can’t expect everything.

My final thoughts: it’s pretty nice as a starter board or just for playing every so often. It probably won’t hold up well beyond 2 years of constant use. But for beginners or anyone who rarely plays this board is the best one you’ll find in this price range.


  • Very affordable, especially as a starter board
  • Firm darts with easy-to-clean scoreboards
  • Decorative design makes this feel like a wall ornament


  • Mounting is difficult and instructions are not clear
  • Doors don’t have any room for storage
  • Holes don’t heal in the dartboard leaving it messy after repeated use


Country Rustic Dartboard Wall Cabinet

For some classic flair in your game room check out the Country Rustic Dartboard Set. It comes with a naturally textured finish and a very dark wood coating on the exterior+interior.

When fully opened this dartboard measures a little over 3 feet wide. It’s only about 2 feet tall so it should measure out similarly to other dartboard cabinets. But I think the construction on this model is phenomenal and it should hold up for years.

Every piece of this dartboard cabinet is built from scratch and made to order with parts right from the USA. Surprisingly this is rare to find and it’s one of the biggest reasons Americans may prefer this model.

But aside from the build process this also has a high-quality design both in cabinetry and the board itself. It’s made of a self-healing fibre/fabric but it also has that weathered effect keeping up with the rustic feel.

The biggest downside with this board is the wait time after ordering. Because it’s a custom-made item you’ll be ordering on demand. This can take 3-4 weeks for the construction and final shipping.

I do think the quality is superb and it’s well worth the wait. Just make sure you know in advance if you’re getting this as a Christmas or birthday gift. You can even have it customized with different dart sets from the manufacturer.

If you love the rustic decor style then I actually think this cabinet is stellar for both fun and style. Even if you play darts 1-2 times a year it’ll still liven up the room with less bare wall space.

At the higher price tag it can be a tough decision. Since it’s hand-made it is higher quality and incredibly unique.

If the style works for your home then it’ll be an amazing buy. Otherwise one of the cheaper cabinets in this post would suffice.


  • Custom hand-made cabinet with top quality materials
  • Natural rustic design is unbeatable
  • Extra space for storing darts(up to 12)


  • Custom order can take 3-4 weeks to complete
  • No side cabinet scoreboards


Best Budget Dartboard Cabinet Set

When you’re buying cheap you want to get the best quality for your money. Lots of cheaper dartboard cabinets come with shoddy veneer that scratches or chips, not to mention lacking in other features.

The best dartboard cabinet for the money is the Trademark Gameroom. It comes in a walnut finish and yes it may chip over time, but it’s definitely the most sturdy out of all the budget options.

It comes with 6 steel-tipped darts and two pieces of chalk for keeping score on the scoreboards. The door tops measure higher than the cabinet making this piece feel like a nice wall ornament too.

Plus the doors have small magnetic plates to make sure they stay closed. This is great because the cabinet does not have slots to hold the darts, so they either need to rest inside or be tucked away elsewhere.

On the negative side, the mounting instructions can be confusing because they assume you already have the proper materials to get this bad boy on the wall. It does not ship with the proper screws for mounting so you’ll need to buy those yourself.

I don’t think this is much of a burden considering the price. But you should be aware that mounting will take some effort.

I would not say this is the highest quality out there, but it’s a nice dartboard for the price tag.

If you’re on a budget and you just want a cheap dartboard cabinet to have some fun then this is your best bet.

The Wrap Up

When purchasing a dartboard cabinet you have to consider the quality of wood, the mounting process, and the internal items like darts and the board itself.

Among all the choices in this post I’d say the Viper Metropolitan Dartboard is the #1 best pick.

It’s got a sturdy design and it comes with 4 optional finishes. The price is just right and the dartboard material should last for years of consistent gameplay.

But I think all the dart cabinets in this post are fantastic, each for their own reasons. It’s tough to recommend one item since everyone has different tastes, different needs, and varying space in their home or apartment.

But regardless of your budget or what you’re looking for there is bound to be a dartboard cabinet here with your name on it.

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