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DIY Giant Jenga Games For Backyard Fun

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If you’re like me, you love games.

And games you can play outside are double the fun!

Summer. BBQs with friends. Birthday parties with family. All are great excuses to pull out the games. And what could be better than giant Jenga?

Everyone knows how to play Jenga: pull out a block and hope it all doesn’t tumble down.

So how about making your own Jenga pieces, only giant? I’ve put together some of the best giant Jenga games you can make from all over the web.

These are easy to make and don’t cost a lot. Once you make yours you’ll be the hit of your neighbourhood.

Colorful Jenga Blocks

Colorful giant jenga set

The first thing that caught my eye when I saw this gigantic game were the colors.

You can’t help but love the vibrant red, orange, and blues Amy chose for her design. Of course, you can customize and pick your own favorite colors too.

And there’s a nice little twist to the game that you’ll want to make as well: a large dice that chooses what colored block you have to pull. This sure makes it easier playing with kids.

The instructions are super easy to follow. Even building the carrying crate will take you no time at all.

And the great thing about the crate is that you can play on any grassy surface. Just use the crate as a base for the game to stand on.

Project Source


Giant Jenga Yard Game

Giant yard patio set

You don’t need a lot of material to build this one. Just 4 boards of lumber will do the trick.

This is a nice and easy DIY project so put on your protective eye gear and grab your miter saw (fancy word for table saw).

If you start this craft in the morning it will be done and ready for game play by the time your guests arrive.

Want a bit of color? Use Carissa’s tip and paint the ends of your wooden pieces with colors of your choosing. Or you can use a natural stain to smooth up the ends.

For anyone feeling really ambitious and competitive, buy another wooden board and make 60 Jenga pieces rather than 48.

Project Source


Tabletop Giant Jenga

Tabletop Jenga

Totally cute and affordable best describes this project.

Just don’t plan on giving it away as a gift! Once you’ve finished you’ll want to keep it for yourself.

Able to fit onto any tabletop, this giant Jenga set is a quick DIY. If you want to bypass the “cut the board into pieces” step, have your local lumber yard do the cutting for you.

The colors Emma chose to paint the ends are bright and cheerful. Her tip to make this project even less expensive: instead of using craft paint just use any left-over wall paint from around the house.

Project Source



Handcut wooden jenga

I’m always looking for new games to play with family and friends. Something a bit quirky so no one wants the fun to end. That’s why this project is right up my alley.

With an estimated cost of $20 you can get this DIY done in just two hours.

If you want to spend the time you could stain the pieces with a coat of light stain. Or just leave them naked so you can get right to the game.

This is simple & affordable DIY at its best!

Project Source


Mini-Giant Jenga Set

Mini-oversized Jenga

For something beyond the norm DIY Pete has the perfect project for you.

It includes a Jenga platform to stack the pieces onto. This way you can play on softer surfaces, like the beach or the grass in your backyard.

Pete’s instructions are precise and easy to follow. You can make this a DIY craft for your entire family.

Project Source


Ombre Jenga

Ombre giant blue jenga

Oh, this Ombre Jenga is a pretty one! Why?

Because Ombre looks good on everyone and everything. Jenga blocks included.

Lindsey picked some nice shades of blue for her pieces. But don’t limit yourself to her color palette. Use colors that make you smile and dance while you play.

This is another easy to make project that will add to your summer fun. And can I mention again that I really, really like the Ombre color scheme!

Project Source


Kids-Sized Big Jenga

Easy lawn jenga

The great thing about DIY projects is they’re easy for home crafters. Which is why Becca is sharing this kid-sized Jenga design, perfect for hand crafting with your kids.

The best kinds of projects are the ones that don’t need a lot of materials.

You may even have some lumber lying around that you can recycle and use as Jenga pieces.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to turn the classic tabletop game life-size. Once it’s built, customizing is up to you.

Why not give the kids some brushes and see what they create!

Project Source


Classic Oversized Jenga Set

Classic oversized Jenga game

What you used to play inside on those rainy days is now even more exciting outside.

For your next kids party, your kids NEED this giant-sized Jenga game. They’ll love pulling out the pieces, one by one. Waiting to see who’s going to bring it all down.

Jen has added a nice touch to this project – a nifty storage box to hold all your pieces. Easy to take over to a friend’s backyard and play the game there.

If you have a 3D carver, or a palm router, by all means be super creative and add a neat logo to the box. Or get a stencil and paint something cute on the outside.

Project Source


Step-By-Step Jenga From Scratch

Howto build a giant Jenga set

Remember the excitement and anticipation of a tumbling tower of Jenga pieces? Imagine that, only much, much bigger. That’s backyard Jenga.

This is another great Jenga set with a carrying case… one more easy project that doesn’t require a lot of complicated tools.

You’re going to love Braxton’s instructions – clear with no room for guessing what to do next. Or how to do it.

After you sand your Jenga pieces you may consider applying a coat of linseed oil. This trick makes the pieces smoother to pull out of the pile.

Project Source

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