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14 DIY Mail Holder Ideas That’ll Have You Reaching For Your Glue Gun

Mail. Everyone gets it and usually it piles up by the door.

Or gets thrown on the kitchen counter.

Or if you’re like me, forgotten about until you get a past due reminder for your water bill(Oops).

On a mission to put a bit of order back into my life I scoured the web for some easy to make mail storage ideas. I’ve rounded up my best finds that are simple to make and cost effective too.

1. Wooden Mail Sorter w/ Key Hooks

vintage news junkie mail organizer

I adore this wood mail sorter.

It screams vintage chic and Ana’s 4 minute YouTube tutorial makes it super simple to make. More importantly it comes with 3 key hooks, great for people like me who literally puts down their keys anywhere and immediately forgets where they are.

Once you’ve got your initial pieces cut it is very easy to put together. Looks like it came out of a really expensive furniture store too. Not bad for a $20 investment.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Candace @ Vintage News Junkie


2. Personalized Mail Organizer

white wall mail sorter

If you need something, or someone, to literally sort your life out when it comes to mail then Amy has the answer for you.

Amy’s tutorial comes with her own labels she used to create her organizer. So if you’re not feeling uber creative it’s a done-for-you job.

The mail holder is fresh, bright and works perfectly with other homemade décor. So get yourself down to Ikea for some magazine bins and get creative!

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Amy @ Her Tool Belt


3. Old Book Cover Mail Organizer

magazine mail organizer

This is a unique take on a mail organizer which can be made from old book covers and gives your home a rustic and unique effect. And saves from junk piling up on the kitchen table.

I also love Becky’s organization for this one.

She files her mail in 3 categories: this week, this month, and sometime. Perfect for organizing and a great reminder if you forget you have bills to pay (story of my life).

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Becky @ Beyond the Picket Fence


4. Rustic Mail Organizer

rustic wall mail organizer

If you want quick results this is the mail organizer for you.

Jenna completed this in just under an hour and it cost a fraction of its $64 counterpart at Magnolia Homes. Personally I think it looks 100x better too.

And Jenna bought her basket from Michael’s for six bucks so if you have one lying around, even better.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Jenna @ Wife in Progress


5. A 2nd Attempt

his hers mail organizer

If you take nothing else away from this tutorial you’ll at least have a few laughs at Molly’s brutally honest “the good, the bad and the ugly” DIY mailbox disaster.

Molly’s initial attempt at revamping an old mail holder was pretty questionable. But the 2nd time around she produced this work of art.

It goes to show all us aspiring crafters that if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Molly @ Just a Little Creativity


6. Window Shutter Mail Organizer

window shutter mail organizer

This mail organizer takes a little more time, especially if using a scraper tool for lettering isn’t your forte.

However the time is worth the end result for this beautiful holder.

Who thought an old window shutter would be so useful? Plenty of slots to hold your important documents and perhaps even family cards. It makes a great addition to the home during the holidays!

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Weekend_Craft @ Instructables


7. Cereal Box Magazine/Mail Holder

cereal box diy mail organizer

As a self-confessed cereal addict (sorry not sorry) this holder really appeals to me.

It’ll just cost you a couple of dollars in paper for the backing and you can even get the kids to join in too. A perfect rainy day activity for the fall.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Emily Louise @ the Sits Girls


8. Tennis Ball Helper

tennis ball diy wall mail holder

I love love love this little guy!

Never thought I would personify a tennis ball, but c’mon this is kind of cute isn’t it?

This is definitely the most unique mail holder I came across and all you need is a couple of googly eyes and a box cutter. He can also take care of your keys if you ask nicely.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Judy @ Upcycle That


9. Metal Wall Mounted Mail Holder

indoor mailbox diy organizer

Ok, so I cheated a little with this one.

This was actually purchased from a store by Melissa at The Inspired Room. She was making use of the extra space in her home and came across this vintage gem.

It would be super easy to recreate with any home style. You could make it out of a magazine bin (giving it some metal spray paint) or if you have any metal container lying around this works too. I love the rustic feel!

Image Credit – Melissa @ the Inspired Room


10. Unique Ikea Mail Holder

wall organizer diy holder

With this unique shelf/mailbox combo you can make a multipurpose storage system even in the most limited spaces.

All you need is some plywood, a few magazine racks, and a bit of skill with wood stain.

Full Instructions and Photo Credit – kazmataz @ Instructables


11. Kitchen Counter Mail Organizer

counter diy mail organizer holder

I’ve noticed a little trend here with the magazine racks and versatility.

This particular rack is designed to sit right on the kitchen counter and will take you less than an hour to make.

You don’t need to be a calligrapher or handy with a scraper tool because those cute little ‘this or that’ tiles on the side? They’re flash cards… Genius!

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Callie Revell @ Panda Poses


12. Thrift Store Mail Holder

thrifty mail holder makeover

Chic and simple. Marie at Blooming Homestead took an old, beat up thrift store mail box and gave it a modern update with just a bit of sanding and a quick lick of paint.

This indoor mail box is fresh and vibrant and will look great in the entrance to your home or right beside your desk.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Marie @ Blooming Homestead


13. One Person’s Trash

old furniture converted holder

Believe it or not this literally came from the streets of Rhode Island.

Dawn found this lying on the sidewalk by someone’s trash can and realized it was a gem. A bit of sanding, green paint, and some snazzy knobs and this mailbox was given a new lease on life.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Dawn B @ Leroy Lime


14. Leather Strap Mail Holder

wall leather mail holder

A mail organizer for the not too organized.

This swanky wall bin was designed to pile your mail if you can’t be bothered with the effort of sorting through it.

Who thought some leather straps and a bit of hardwood board could look so stylish?

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Matt @ Design Sponge

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