11 DIY Ring Toss Game Ideas To Bring The Fun Outside

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So today I’ll be sharing a bunch of awesome ideas for ring toss games that you can make by yourself.

Or with a few friends. Or your kids. Anyone, really.

These ideas are very easy to create so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get a finished product. Every material used is easy to find at the nearest department store, or even lying around the home.

I call the first idea…

1. The Pool Ringer

Wooden built ring toss

And you’ll find out why in a minute.

It’s because one of the materials needed is a pool ring. This idea is very easy to design and should take you no more than 10 minutes.

This is for when you need to play right away. It’s just a platform, one dowel, pool rings, and that’s it! Good to go.

You can always improvise if you do not have pool rings around. But then you’ll need to come up with your own name.

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2. Simple Circular Toss

Mom endeavors ringtoss

Now this idea is for those who prefer circles to rectangles.

The outcome it isn’t so different from the first one. It just has a circular panel.

Plus, you’d need a little more materials. The circular panel doesn’t have to be a particular kind of wood. It could be oak. Or maybe cedar. Or a flying saucer.

Just make sure it’s round and you can put a hole in it.

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3. The Pipe Toss!

Pipe ringtoss

This is one of my favorite ideas.

That’s because it makes me look like I’m building something high-tech. And as the name implies you’d be working with pipes.

No, I don’t mean you’d be smoking pipes and tossing rings. I’m talking about actual pipes. It’s like Lego, but with pipes.

Before you begin you need to take a trip to the hardware store and get the following items: 12 ounces of pipe weed.

Haha! Kidding… You can let the kids put it together anytime you want to play. And watch them giggle with excitement.

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4. The Backyard Ring Toss

diy backyard toss

Wait, does this mean you can’t play other ring tosses in the backyard?

Of course not.

This idea is for those who have large backyards though. And you can make the panel bigger. Which means you can play from a longer distance.

Basically, all you need is 2 dowels, one circular panel, duct tape, and a length of sisal rope.

You can have it painted. But it doesn’t need to be pretty just to be fun.

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5. Vintage Bottle Ring Toss

vintage bottle ring toss

Ever had a soda or any bottled drink before?

Sure you have! But did you know that you could have so much fun with empty bottles?

I don’t mean as a musical instrument. I’m talking about making your very own ring toss rack. With empty bottles!

If you’re like most people you probably have empty bottles lying around the garage. Get a low crate or make one yourself. Place the bottles in and voila!

Sisal ropes will do just fine as rings for this one.

Next time you’re going to the beach with friends and you’re gonna have drinks, you know what to do with the bottles after. *Wink*

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6. Fall Carnival Ring Toss

Halloween ring toss diy

You know what’s better than the last ring toss idea? This one!

Okay I wouldn’t say better. Just a bit more creative.

Tossing rings at empty bottles is good. But tossing them at bottles with facial expressions is just awesome!

You could use plastic or glass bottles for this. And then use googly eyes and expressions tapes to make faces on the bottles.

You could even give them names: Freddy, Jason, Dr. Frankenstein, Putin, etc. just have fun with it.

And the good thing about this idea is, you don’t need a crate. All you need is a platform made out of cardboard, foam board, or a thin slice of plywood.

Perfect as a fun Halloween craft with the kids or with friends.

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7. Indoor Ring Toss

Indoor kids ringtoss diy

Okay, say you don’t want to go out of the house. Or can’t due to bad weather or something.

Who says you can’t have fun indoors?

This DIY is an indoor ring toss game you can play in any room in the house. It’s very inexpensive because you (most likely) already have everything you need to make one.

Do you have old cardboard boxes and bottles in the house? Great, you are nearly there.

Just cut rings out of the cardboard and then use any bottle (at least 4) you can find in the house.

What I like about this idea is that it’s so cheap. Plus you can use just about any bottle. Plastic or glass. Or a combination of both.

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8. Patriotic Ring Toss

Patriotic ring toss usa

This one is for all my patriotic country-lovin’ friends out there.

Now we are still in the realm of bottle pegs. But this time it’s going to have a theme: fourth of July. It’s a very important day in the life of every American with lots of outdoor time.

And so this makes a lot of sense to paint your bottles in the color of the American flag. Show some spirit in the game!

Wine bottles will definitely be a great option here. This way you can enjoy a few bottles of wine and have some fun in the sun after.

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9. Fun Box Ring Toss

Fun in a box

This ring toss idea is super fun. Why? Because you get to make your own crate.

You know those wooden trays, with little handles at the far ends?

Now they’re useful again.

Two of those will make a beautiful ring toss crate having 4 or 6 sections. Place your bottles in and play away.

You can use aluminium wire, joined end to end, for rings. Or just sisal or nylon ropes.

An unfinished wood tray would great too. This allows you to make your own design. Again, wine bottles would do just fine.

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10. X-Shaped Ring Toss

Garden ring toss with rope

Hey, ever seen the movie Triple X? Or X-men? Or do you just love X’s?

Well, either way this idea is as much fun as the last with a lovely design. But it requires a bit of skill to pull off. If you’ve got skills with wood, totally give this a try.

You’ll be making a cross X-shaped platform where the ring pegs stand. The pegs will stand at each arm of the cross, with one right in the middle. This looks a lot like the pipe toss idea above. Only, this one is made of wood.

Remember, X marks the spot!

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11. Cardboard Box Ring Toss

Full cardboard diy toss

This final idea is an ingenious one. Whoever thought it up really outdid themselves.

I was pretty stoked when I saw it and it’s surprisingly easy to make. If you’ve got cardboard boxes and you’re wondering what you could do with them, well: here’s your answer.

A “taller” cardboard box would work better since there’s more material. Although any other kind would do.

And the great thing about this idea is, one box gives you everything you need. You do not need to purchase anything else. The rings can be made from the cardboard box cover.

This is by far the cheapest of all the other ideas. You may have everything you need to make a ring toss game sitting in your garage, attic, or your porch whenever your next Amazon order arrives.

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