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11 DIY Spice Rack Ideas For A Whimiscal Kitchen

I don’t know about you but my pantry is somewhat of a mess. Spices everywhere!

There are spices in there I never use and frankly, I probably never will.

So I set out to find my dream spice rack and was blown away by all the amazing DIY creations out there. I struggled to decide which one I wanted for my kitchen and just had to list my favorites. Here’s a roundup of 11 of the best I stumbled upon in my hunt for the perfect spice rack.

1. Magnetic Mason Jars

magnetic mason jar spices

Jessica over at Buzz Feed designed these with our bedrooms in mind(hey bobby pins everywhere).

But this is such a versatile idea and will work perfectly in the kitchen.

Also these magnetic mason jars are perfect for those of you that have a small kitchen and need to maximize your storage space. All you need is some small mason jars, a metal bracket, some super strong magnets and your home will be fully transformed.

Oh and it looks cool too.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Jessica and Caroline @ BuzzFeed


2. The $1 Spice Rack

cheap $1 spicerack diy

I love a good bargain so when I saw Lori’s article on $1 spice racks I was all ears.

Better yet, she assures that this cheap rack is super easy to clean and super simple to make. Perfect if you’re not much of a creative genius or just lazy.

You’re just bending some cooling racks, et voila.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Lori @ The Stonybrook House


3. Easy Tiered Rack

tiered spice rack diy

Another budget friendly option from Amy from Her Tool Belt. This spice rack will set you back $3 for some boards as long as you have a few screws and some paint lying around the house.

Amy promises you can put this together in around 30 minutes (plus drying time for paint) so you can do this after work one night and look forward to views like this when you’re cooking… (sooo organised right?!)

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Amy @ Her Toolbelt – Featured on Remodelaholic


4. Spice Holders

simple spice holders

Christy came up with this awesome storage saving idea to keep your spices organized and de-cluttered.

She uses cabinet clips and attaches them to the inside door of her pantry. It is also way easier to clean than the previous wooden shelving she had installed in the kitchen.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Christy @ Barry and Christy


5. Magnetic Spice Jars

top-magnetic spices

Lauren wins the award here for most creative magnetic spice jars.

If you’re buying these from the shop they can cost a small fortune so I love love the fact that Lauren thought outside the box with these cute spice jars made from old baby food jars.

Such a creative way to recycle. All you moms out there, take note!

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Lauren @ One Lucky Pickle


6. Spice Rack Drawer

spice drawer

You may not like the idea of mounting spice racks inside your pantry door and hate the thought of anything on your countertop. If so Ronique’s spice rack drawer is for you.

Perfect for anyone with a minimalist taste, this rack fits perfectly in one of your draws and makes all your spices easy to grab. This spice rack looks like it came right from a show home.

She simply glued some base board in the draw to secure the spices in this very sleek modern take on spice organization.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Ronique @ Stagetecture


7. Test Tube Spice Rack

test tube spicerack

I love how retro these test tubes look. This has to be the most interesting spice racks I came across.

Lauren got her idea from a similar rack she saw in store for a whopping $300(thanks, but no thanks).

So how much to make this fine DIY version? It will only set you back around forty bucks! Quite a discount for just a few hours of DIY labor. It’s sure to be a talking point of your kitchen too.

Test tubes for the win!

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Jenna @ Hello Young Lions xo


8. Rustic Wall-Mounted Spice Rack

rustic spice rack design

Though the test tubes did come super close, this is my favourite spice rack.

Nicole transforms a very basic shelf from Ikea into something that looks quite expensive and very stylish.

She paints the shelves quickly using spray paint. Uses metal hardware cloth for the bottom and front then creates the signs herself using this awesome wood burning technique. This gal is talented!

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Nicole @ The Inspired Hive


9. Vintage Coca-Cola Crate Rack

coke soda crate spicerack

Do you ever go into someone’s home and everything is a little mismatched, but somehow it seems to work and everything looks incredible?

This is the kinda house where I imagine this vintage Coca-Cola crate would fit just fine. It’s such a cool idea and is sure to get people talking around the dinner table.

Unfortunately Kate didn’t share with us exactly where she managed to pick up this crate. But I’m sure with bit of effort scouring eBay it shouldn’t be hard to pick up something similar.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Kate @ Bro Haha


10. DIY Sliding Spice Rack

sliding door spice rack

This tutorial from Linda truly teaches us how to make the most out of what we already have.

She decided she needed to create something for a gap she had between her cupboards and oven. So decided to get something she always wanted: a sliding spice rack.

But no, this wasn’t installed by a pro. She made this herself. From scratch!

That’s pretty incredible and it fits in with her kitchen perfectly.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Linda @ With a Blast


11. Rustic Spice Cabinet

simple rustic cabinet spice rack

The final spice rack I came across (and loved) is this gorgeous countertop rustic piece.

Frankly, the before image of Corey’s pantry was frightening. But the after pic… incredible.

This countertop spice cabinet can easily be built from scratch using a few planks and some paint in the color of your choice.

My favorite part of this cabinet is the cute tilted jars, they fit in perfectly and make it super easy to grab any spice you need. Great job Corey!

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Corey @ Sawdust 2 Stitches

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