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16 DIY Welcome Mat Ideas For A Fun-Loving Front Door

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I just recently moved and one thing I’m missing is a nice welcome mat to put out on my porch.

I went to Target, Ikea, Walmart, you name it. But nothing stood out to me. I then got curious if I could take one of the gazillion boring welcome mats out there and turn one of them into something amazing.

I scoured the web and was overwhelmed by all the creativity. I’ve got more than enough inspiration to last me a lifetime of homes.

And from all those ideas I’ve whittled down to 16 of the best DIY welcome mats I found. I know what my plans are this weekend!

1. Personalized Doormats

personal doormat design

I love this idea that Emily from The Sits Girls came up with.

Super simple mat yet very effective.

All you need is a basic door mat which you can pick up cheap from Amazon. Also a steady hand to cut out your welcome message, and a lick of paint.

OK so a little patience may also be required if you pick a bristled mat like Emily did. But the payoff is totally worth it.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Emily @ The Sits Girls


2. Monogrammed Mat

monogrammed mat diy

Who doesn’t want their name(well… initials) in lights at the entrance to their home?

This monogramming technique will turn even the most drab and boring doormat into a chic, stylish work of art.

You will likely have most of the required items for this mat lying around the home. You may just need to grab a bit of acrylic craft paint for the design.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Jen @ HGTV


3. The Interchangeable Doormat

swappable doormat design

If you’re like me and get bored with stuff real easily then this is the mat for you.

The sky’s the limit on how many greetings and centrepieces you could to add to this design. Yes, the middle section that reads “hi.” is removable.


I must admit though, this is definitely one of the lengthier tutorials and making this mat will require some patience and a drop of determination. But it is soooo worth it.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – The CSI Project


4. DIY Colorful Doormat

colorful doormat design

I love the rustic feel of this handmade wooden doormat. It’s a fraction of the cost of its retail counterpart and is easy to make even for the most novice crafter.

Plus it kinda looks like a xylophone. A real colourful xylophone!

Perfect for you music buffs out there.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Jillee @ One Good Thing by Jillee


5. Geo Pin Marker

geo pin marker doormat

The great thing about this tutorial is that it includes a free printable stencil to save you time. Hurray!

And it keeps with the “painting a bristled mat” theme.

This mat is super easy to make and gives off a very modern design. I love the uber modern style since it pretty much blends with anything.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Cheryl @ Everyday Dishes


6. Half-Circle Wooden Doormat

half-circle wooden mat

This doormat is very boho and screams beachy outdoor vibes. Perfect for those of you who live in warmer climes.

There’s a fair bit of cutting, staining, and drilling for this one so it’s not as simple to make.

But the finished piece looks like it came straight out of a high-end home store and it also stands strong against the elements.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Bethany @ Reality Day Dream


7. Polka Dot Cloud Welcome Mat

dot cloud diy mat

This mat is a fun & cheap and easy addition to the home. It goes well both inside and out from your porch to your mudroom.

This mat can cost as little as $2 to make and involves minimal cutting with a little bit of painting.

If polka dots aren’t your thing you can easily choose a different pattern too. Perhaps the Chevrons I featured above might work.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Nalles House


8. Quotation Bubble Welcome

speech bubble doormat diy project

This is by far my favorite mat I found so far. I’m so eager to make it I can barely finish this post!

It’s bright, fun, and ridiculously simple to make.

Plus if you’re a pro with stencilling you can save a few bucks, skip the vinyl lettering that Jenni chose and grab yourself a free printable stencil online.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Jenni @ I Spy DIY


9. Ornament Holiday Doormat

xmas ornament doormat project

With the holiday season rapidly approaching (I know, where did the year go right?!) I had to include this festive design from Lexy.

All you need is: a cheap doormat(preferably in white), a decent pair of scissors, some painter’s tape and a few spray paints of whichever color you’d like.

The result: a whole bunch of festive cheer in around 30 minutes.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Lexy @ Curbly


10. The Herringbone

herringbone autumn doormat design

Here’s a super cute doormat which looks perfect for fall.

This awesome herringbone design is made using painters tape and some acrylic craft paint and will only set you back $14. Winning.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Bridget & Casey @ The DIY Playbook


11. New Zealand Rock Doormat

custom rock doormat design

Inspired by a little treasure of a welcome mat her parents found when travelling Australia, Kim set out to try and make her own version.

Without carting rocks between continents. Because let’s face it… baggage allowances suck!

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Kim @ Love U Madly


12. Keep The Change

home alone doormat diy

Inspired by what has to be the greatest holiday movie ever comes the best welcome mat ever.

And it is bound to get your guests talking whenever you invite them around.

Simply made with some black paint, a box cutter and a cardboard box stencil(now that’s creativity). Sarah and Nick’s front porch game is so on point with this DIY addition.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Sarah & Nick @ The Surznick Common Room


13. A Juicy Welcome

lemon watermelon custom doormat

Now these welcome mats are delicious enough to sink your teeth into.

I love the idea since it’s so easy to do. If you buy one circular mat you can cut it in half and create two completely different designs.

So, which one is your favorite? I have to go with the watermelon!

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Brittany @ The House that Lars Built


14. Dull to Delightful

bright colorful doormat redesign

This bright and funky welcome mat is probably the easiest to make from all the mats featured here.

Skaie took a very dull and boring looking “red brick style” mat, re-painted it and created this gem.

Give it a shot if you like the style and can match it to your doorstep.

Full instructions and Image Credit – Skaie @ Home Jelly


15. H O M E

home typography doormat

A slightly different choice for those of you that want a rug rather than a standard mat.

Porch paint was the key ingredient for this one. The color is highly pigmented and has a more durable finish.

Because this is made from a rug, though, it’s best to keep indoors. But it’s sure to brighten up your foyer or entry area.

Full instructions and Image Credit – Elsie @ A Beautiful Mess


16. Rustic Fall Doormat

rustic autumn doormat diy

If you love a chic rustic design you are going to love this welcome mat.

You’re also going to love how incredibly simple it is to make. This woven jute rug has been given a new lease of life by simply making a leaf stencil and dabbing on the white paint. Simplicity for the win!

Full instructions and image credit – Dannyelle @ Life is a Party

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