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50 Funniest Salt And Pepper Shakers

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Looking to add some excitement to your meals? Try spicing ‘em up with some funny salt and pepper shakers.

There are tons of sets to pick from so the variety is endless. But if you’ve got a sense of humor then you’ll find something in this list that belongs on your kitchen table.


push it real good salt pepper shakers

By far my absolute favorite and probably the funniest set in this entire list. This shaker set has a handmade ceramic design with the lyrics from Salt-n-Pepa’s “Push It”.

Check out this set on Etsy where the seller frequently updates with new info.

They also have it available on Amazon but it can be harder to find.

Because the design is so basic it can really blend with any home. You fill up the shaker at the bottom so it’s a breeze to work with. Not to mention it’ll have your guests cracking up every time they’re over for dinner.


King & Queen

king queen shakers

For this wooden king and queen design it uses circular center pieces with larger rectangles for easy gripping.

This actually comes from a vintage design back in the 70s and it’s a really unique style. The faces are pretty funny and it’s a cool addition to any small kitchen.

But this won’t be easy to find elsewhere so if you can nab a copy count yourself lucky!



chef salt pepper shakers

Every kitchen deserves a great chef but not everyone knows how to cook like one.

So you might try adding chef salt & pepper shakers instead. These cute sets come in many styles and different varieties for differing sizes.

Some are wooden, others ceramic, some are handmade while others are older vintage items.

Still a ton of sets to look through and it’s a practical choice for your table.


Light Bulbs

light bulb shakers

Revamping light bulbs is a classic DIY technique and with tons of lightbulb shakers out there you’ll have your pick of the litter.

Some come with flattened bottoms or some rest on an additional plank/wooden piece to the rounded edges. You can also find some with painted faces and just goofy looking designs.

And these are usually reinforced designs so you won’t have to worry about shattering the glass too easily.


The Facilities

bathroom toilet shakers

If you’ve got a sick sense of humor then why not go for the gold with toilet S&P shakers.

These are sure to amuse your guests and get a few laughs outta your kids. They come in many different sets but my favorite is the classic public toilet + urinal combo.

I’m surprised how much these actually look like public facilities! Almost gets you hesitant enough to skip salting your meals… almost.


Old Couple

old rocking chair shakers

This cute old couple have their very own salt and pepper rockers handmade and super easy to use.

Each shaker measures just over 5″ tall which offers plenty of room for filling ‘em up to the brim. And it comes shipped with extra packaging to ensure these arrive unscathed.

But since it’s a vintage item there’s no guarantee it’ll be around for long.

You could alternatively try searching for others in the same style cause you never know what’s out there.


Here Lies S&P

tombstone salt pepper shakers

For those who enjoy a darker sense of humor check out these tombstone S&P shakers.

This particular set is a vintage collection so it’s not easy to find. But they work just like brand new shakers and look awesome. Plus they are absolutely a laugh and a half.

If you can’t find an exact copy try browsing other tombstone designs to see if it’s up elsewhere.


Maid & Butler

maid butler shakers

The happy maid and the sneezing butler. What a perfect combo for your own salt and pepper set that’ll fit with any home.

One nice feature about these shakers is the engraved “S” and “P” in the holes at the top.

This way you can tell at a glance which shaker is for salt and which is for pepper. Nothing good comes from mixing them up!


Banana Love

monkey banana shakers

For handmade designs this has to be one of the best with a monkey-banana combo you just won’t find anywhere else.

The design is fully magnetic so you can get these shakers clipped together with ease. It’s all ceramic and hand painted with exquisite craftsmanship.

And this comes from the Herocollection shop with hundreds of similar S&P shaker designs. Take a look through their store you may find something you like even better.


Whiskey Bottles

whiskey salt pepper shakers

Converting custom whiskey bottles into salt and pepper shakers? Could this be true?

Why yes it is and they look awesome.

You’ll find everything from small rounded jugs to vodka bottles and plastic replicas of old whiskey bottles. No stone has been left unturned and there are so many styles to pick from.



manners salt pepper shakers

The two magic words have found their way onto salt and pepper shakers with the monikers of “please” and “thank you”.

This is a custom design and it doesn’t appear to be in high-volume so it may sell fast.

But the design is exquisite with a clear square shape and easy-to-use filler holes at the bottom.

Try running a search to see if you can find any copies. Or you can even try messaging the shop owner to see if they’ll be making any more in the future.


Alien Pickers

alien picker salt pepper shaker

This is one of my absolute faves because it’s just so absurd. These little alien picker shakers stay true to their name with some stupid(yet lovable) humor.

One’s got his finger up his nose and the other has it in his butt. Pretty cut and dry to me!

These are kinda small but should hold enough salt and pepper to be usable.

And they’re sure to get a laugh out of anyone who likes this kinda stuff.



cheeks shakers

Two halves of a whole butt make up these cheeky S&P shakers.

It’s a vintage item that isn’t super easy to find anymore, yet it’s still one of the funniest shakers I’ve ever seen.

The tough part is knowing which shaker has the salt and which has pepper. The tops differ where one has two holes and the other has three. But you still have to remember which is which.

If you’re fine with that you’ll have a blast with these cheeks.


Beer Shaker

beer salt pepper shaker

Anyone looking for something more manly should check out these beer S&P shakers.

They all come pre-designed with many custom brand names and labels. From Budweiser to exotic beers and everything inbetween, you can find a beer bottle salt and pepper set with pretty much any design.

Plus these are all very affordable so you can add these to your collection for parties or special occasions.


Vintage TV

vintage tv salt pepper shakers

One cool thing about this vintage TV set is how the salt and pepper shakers stay inside the box.

It makes this entire set like one big collectable because the shakers themselves fit into the top of the TV. They act like the audio speaker so they’re just small little cubes you pick up as needed.

Kinda funny and certainly a unique design, but also the shakers are not too big. So you may find yourself refilling them frequently if you go through a lot of salt.


Bugs & Elmer

bugs elmer salt pepper shakers

Those wacky Looney Tunes have been around for decades and there are tons of collectibles out there from the old days.

One such example is the Bugs and Elmer shaker set that comes in a few different styles.

Most are ceramic but still easy to find in good condition and don’t feel flimsy at all. Plus they’re fun to keep hanging around the house if you have kids that love the Looney Tunes.



garfield salt pepper shakers

Here’s another beloved cartoon character that everyone should know.

The cat that hates Mondays and loves lasagna now has his own S&P shakers ready for your kitchen table.

Each set has a different style and many are custom handemade items. So you’re unlikely to find the exact same set twice but they’re all really cool and some are just downright hilarious.



faces salt peppers

These look like your average salt and pepper shakers with one big difference: they’ve got weird faces.

Each design is very simple and the seller lets you customize any face you want. This means you can go from a simple smile to an outright absurdly goofy look.

Plus since these aren’t heavily customized you can pick them up dirt cheap.

A cute way to spice up your shakers without going overboard.


S&P Lettering

letters salt pepper shakers

Another neat design idea is the custom lettering shakers using “S” and “P” shapes for the shakers themselves.

I have to say this was brand new to me since I’ve never seen this anywhere before. I don’t know if it’s a common design but it’s definitely a fun idea.

Not to mention it makes picking the right shaker child’s play.


Slot Machines

slot machine shakers

All you gamblers out there might appreciate these slot machine S&P shakers in a variety of styles.

You can find vintage designs and handmade designs all mixed together. They all have a similar style with the slot design, but they each take a unique twist on playing the slots with salt and pepper.

Probably not the funniest choice in this list but definitely noteworthy.


Royal Pillows

royal salt peppers

If you consider yourself royalty and want to show it then this king & queen set should do wonders for your image.

The crowns rest royally on pillows with different patterns that match as a set.

Plus the crowns include monograms representing salt and pepper so there’s no way you can mix these up.


Zany Guys

zany salt peppers

These absurd designs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to salt and pepper shakers.

I can’t say I recognize this design but these big heads are worth a chuckle or two.

Their hats use different numbers of pouring holes so you can choose which is salt and which is pepper. These definitely aren’t easy to find and they’re a vintage item but you can try looking for others if you’re curious.



flintstones salt pepper shakers

The modern stoneage family has their own salt and pepper sets with a bunch of variety to pick from.

You can find Fred & Wilma, Barney & Betty, plus a few other designs for Dino and the kids.

Very few of these are handmade since the Flintstones is pushing well over 50 years old. But surprisingly these classic shakers are still holding up in great condition.


Betty Boop

betty boop salt pepper shakers

Another iconic character is Betty Boop who also has custom salt and pepper shakers.

Yes these are far more varied with some using Betty Boop’s car, others using her high heels and some even using Pudgy.

If you or someone you know adores Betty Boop this would make a great buy. The sets are pretty cheap and if you clean them out they’ll last a lifetime.



outhouse bathroom shakers

Getting back to the gross-out humor we’ve got outhouse shakers for salt and pepper.

I can’t believe they actually make these but somehow they exist. And multiple sellers have their own variations on this design too.

If you wanna push the boundaries a little then these humorous shakers are totally worth picking up.


Mr. and Mrs.

mister misses shakers

For newlyweds and older couples alike the Mr & Mrs shaker set is just plain adorable.

I think it’s even funnier if a single bachelor/bachelorette were using these. But of course they’re designed as wedding gifts and they really drive home the point of marriage.

Check out some different styles and see which ones you like best.



dracula coffin shakers

For another comedic design we’ve got Dracula kissing his coffin with magnetic inserts to keep them connected.

The Dracula S&P set is certainly unique and one of the newest designs in this list. So you can surely find a copy brand new if you’re determined to keep looking.

These two pieces are joined magnetically but just they’re simple to remove when you need them.


Emoji Faces

When 40 year old housewives are sending send goofy emoji faces you know it has permeated pop culture.

These emoji salt & pepper shakers are a perfect gift for anyone who loves these colorful faces. They’re designed after the Apple emojis with the love face and tears of laughter.

Season your foods with emotion and get a chuckle every time you look for the salt.


Emoji Poops

Another alternative design is the poop emoji popularized in recent years.

It may seem crazy but this also has its own set of salt and pepper shakers. They look identical except for their lips where one uses white and the other is bright red with lipstick.

Whether as a gag gift or a genuine addition to your home, this emoji set is sure to draw a reaction out of someone.


Bad Cop No Donut

The lovable team of a cop and his donut is as old as time itself.

And you can see this come to life in this shaker set with a delicious glazed donut and a wide-grinning cop. Even with the strange shapes they’re both easy to use so no worries about difficulty getting the salt out.

This makes a perfect gift for any officers in your family and it’s one of the best designed shaker sets in this list.


Salty & Sneezy

If you lean towards minimalism then check out this salty & sneezy shaker set with some humorous labels.

You can tell pretty quickly which is for salt and which holds the sinus-tickling pepper. They’re both the same rectangular shape measuring about 2.5″ tall.

Very sleek, very modern, yet still they pack a humorous punch for any home.


Moose & Canoe

If you’re more of an outdoorsman why not pick up an S&P shaker set that includes some outdoorsy decor?

This moose fishing salt and pepper set includes the shakers along with a funny holder to keep ‘em in.

The moose in the canoe is so well designed that it works even as a centerpiece for your kitchen table. This way you always know where the salt and pepper shakers are at all times.


In The Ocean

Sharks and surfers go together like cats and bathtubs, yet for this shaker set I have to say they look pretty cool.

The finishes are perfect and the color choices look so great together.

My only complaint is that the surfboard holds less than the shark considering its size. This may not be a huge deal if you don’t mind refilling at odd times.

Other than that it’s a fun set for beach lovers and surfers everywhere.


Sciency Flasks

These erlenmeyer flask shakers come with cork tops and holes built right into the design.

Filling them up is super easy and you can even put them in the dishwasher if they need a good cleaning.

Not to mention the transparent design makes it crystal clear which shaker holds which seasoning.


Santa and Snowman

Around December every year people like to break out the Christmas decorations and bring some yuletide cheer.

That’s exactly what you’ll get with this santa & snowman combo shaker set. They’re both about the same size measuring a little over 3″ tall.

You can pick up this set and keep it stored away for those winter months when you break out the decorations. Or you can even package these up as holiday gifts for your friends & family.


Battery Power

I wouldn’t say this set is exactly “funny” but it’s definitely unique. These battery-shaped shakers come in two different colors with a clear side panel to see inside.

You can easily tell when you’re getting low on anything and you can see what’s inside each battery.

The designs are super easy to use and you’ll be able to pour a lot with just a few taps. Really cool design although surprisingly difficult to find.


Angel and Demon

Wanna bring your humour out of this world? Then grab a copy of this angel and demon shaker set.

The designs are very strong and they hold up well under frequent use. Each container is BPA-free and it’s pretty easy to fill as well.

With such a simple design you can get these to blend into pretty much any home with ease. Or they’d make a real fun gift for the in-laws.


Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo is still beloved by children today and it shows with continued support for merchandise.

I really like this Fred & Daphne set but you can find a bunch of other shakers by searching around.

Scoob & Shag of course have their own set and there’s another with the mystery machine.

If you’re a fan of these crime solving teens you can add them to your meals with any of these very unique salt and pepper shakers.



One other classic cartoon team is the Peanuts crew with Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Woodhouse.

This shaker set is my personal favorite because it’s fully magnetic and just so iconic.

With this small piece of culture on your table you’re sure to grab attention and get the frequent questions of “where’d you get that? I want one!”

All ceramic, hand-painted, and very easy to fill whether you’re using pepper or paprika.


Hong Kong Phooey

I’d bet a lot of people forget Hong Kong Phooey but he was a staple of Hanna-Barbera’s cartoons in the 70s.

This fan-riffic salt & pepper shaker set includes Henry the mild-mannered janitor along with his cat Spot. It’s from the same creator as the Peanuts & Scooby collection so it has the same high quality design.

You can actually browse more from this manufacturer on their shop page which includes a ton of items from doorstoppers to spoon rests.


Blondie and Dagwood

From the classic comic strip Blondie comes this nostalgic shaker set also from the cartoon manufacturer above.

It’s fairly large measuring about 5″ in total across length and height.

The two pieces are magnetic like all the others so you can easily keep these hitched together. Plus they don’t feel top-heavy at all so you’re not at risk of them accidentally tipping and spilling.



gingerbread salt pepper shakers

Moving away from the cartoon designs let’s dive into more general humor. For example, these gingerbread shakers come in many different styles and they fit nicely with any kitchen.

You can find some real gems in these gingerbread sets of vintage and handmade shakers. The gingerbread men & women love to be represented any way they can!

These shakers make great gifts for the baker in your family, or for that person in your life who just loves gingerbread sweets.


Route 66

route 66 salt pepper shakers

Americans know all too well about the infamous route 66. It’s a historic past time to cruise that highway and see America along the way.

If you like that style you can pick up this route 66 shaker set for your kitchen.

It comes in many different designs with road signs, gas pumps, and even logos plastered onto generic shakers.


The Big Day

wedding salt pepper shakers

Do you take your salt & pepper shakers to be wed? Then you’ll need this wedding shaker set complete with a corsage and pearl necklace.

I think this design works so well because pepper can inherently be considered black-ish while salt is always white. So it’s easy to glance at these shakers and quickly tell what’s inside.

But this design is tough to find and you won’t have an easy time locating a copy with just a search for “wedding shakers”.

If this does sell out try contacting the LydiasThriftyShop owner to see if they can get another set.



servant salt pepper shaker

With a maid and a butler guarding your condiments who needs home security?

This adorable servant shaker set is designed with pristine accuracy.

The shaker holes are right at the top so they’re an easy set to use. Not to mention they hold quite a bit of material so they should last you a long time.

Still this may go fast so if this set isn’t available try seaching for others with the same style.


Cup and Saucer

cup saucer salt pepper

These goofy saucer shakers may be just what the doctor ordered to get you in a laughing mood.

Both the cup and plate have extended backs so they hold a good amount of seasoning. Plus the shaker holes are large enough that just a few shakes will do the trick.

They’re made of ceramic and both are vintage items so you may have trouble finding a copy.

If you’re really in a bind for this set just shoot a message to the shop owner to see if they can locate another one.


Hershey’s Chocolate

hersheys chocolate shakers

From delicious Hershey kisses to full-sized chocolate bars, there’s a lot to love about Hershey’s cocoa sweets.

You can even bring these into your dining experience with some Hershey’s S&P shakers.

Some are certainly funnier than others but just the notion of having a Hershey’s shaker is funny to me.

Especially when you look into the really crazy designs out there.


Autumn Shakers

autumn fall salt shakers

The autumn is full of ghouls and pumpkins with shaker sets to match them all.

I really like this pumpkin set because it’s handmade and fits nicely with autumn decor.

But you can find a ton of Halloween-themed shakers that would go just as well on your October dinner table.

Come the fall you’ll be glad you picked up a copy of these. And if you can find some goofy ghosts you can usually get some laughs from family members on Thanksgiving.


Piggy Pink

piggy shaker

It doesn’t get much clearer than these pink piggy shakers.

With labels for salt and pepper it’s pretty hard to mix up these bad boys.

They can make fun gifts for anyone who loves the farm life, or they can work as home decorations for pig lovers in your family.

But this is a vintage item so don’t be surprised if it’s out of stock. Instead try looking through other pig shakers to see what else is available.


Golf Ball Shakers

golf ball shakers

You don’t have to be a golf fan to appreciate these goofy golf shakers.

They’re emblazoned with some pretty raucous humor and they’re designed to size with a real golf ball.

The side handles make it even easier to work with these and you can tell them apart based on the number of holes at the top.

While these may look small they can actually hold a good amount. A very funny salt & pepper set if you like golf and really love punny jokes.

But if this one goes out of stock try searching for other golf ball shakers to see what’s available.

And while this is the end of my list of funny shakers, it’s certainly not the end of your options.

Try searching around the web to see what else you can find because there’s so much out there to get you giddy for meals.

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