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Giraffe Decorations For Your Home

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If you love giraffes and wanna bring them into your home then you’ll adore this post.

I’ve curated all the coolest giraffe-style decorations you can find for every room in the house. I’ve left no stone unturned in a relentless search for gorgeous decor featuring our long-necked savanna friends.

To browse quickly by room you can use the table of contents below.

Giraffe Kitchen Decor

There’s so much cool stuff you can add into your kitchen with giraffe designs. Like a ton of stuff.

I had to cut this section a bit short because it was growing too lengthy! But I definitely left all the good stuff so here’s my top list of giraffe decor for every kitchen.

Rolling Pins

giraffe rolling pins

I’ve seen a ton of these handmade rolling pins recently and they look incredible. They use a giraffe’s pattern carved into the wood so you can roll out dough or pastries with giraffe specks.

Some rolling pins even have the actual shape of a giraffe built into the design.

These are perfect for custom-shaped cookies but also work well for cupcakes, rolls, and other doughy delights.

Salt & Pepper Shakers

salt pepper giraffe shakers

Recently we covered a post on goofy salt & pepper shakers that went over really well. But did you know you can find shakers in pretty much any style?

Yes that includes giraffes with a bunch of unique designs to pick from.

Some of these shakers are fairly old or vintage items repurposed for sale. But you’ll also find a few handmade and custom-designed shakers in the mix to add onto your kitchen table.

Cooking Spoons

giraffe cooking spoons

From salad serving forks to wooden cooking spoons and even tea spoons, there’s a huge collection of giraffe spoons out there just waiting for a home.

I personally love the wooden spoon sets because they fit so well with any kitchen.

But take a look at all the designs because some look kinda cheesy while others are simply spectacular. No right answers, just fun-loving giraffe spoons to delight your culinary tasks.

Drinking Mugs

cocoa mugs

Obviously mugs had to make this list considering how creative they can get. I probably found hundreds of giraffe mugs all with different illustrations and sizes.

The best part is most of these mugs are pretty cheap so you can even get a set for your whole family. Lots of great designs to pick from and these giraffe mugs are sure to delight animal lovers.

Also note: if any mug only has 1 item available you can contact the shop seller to see if they’ll make more. Sometimes it is a unique item but it never hurts to ask.

Wine Glasses

giraffe wine glasses

In the same vein as a drinking mug are these these wine glasses also with fun giraffe decals.

There are so many designs to pick from with simple white minimalist designs all the way to full African savanna environment decals.

If you’re a big wine drinker then you’ll quickly fall in love with your new giraffe glasses.

Cutting Boards

custom cutting boards

Chefs will really appreciate custom giraffe cutting boards if they’re pulled out frequently for meals.

You can find dozens of styles with different giraffe designs and patterns. I often like the patterned cutting boards because they don’t feel garish or showy.

But you can find so many awesome cutting boards with inlays, burned designs, and even decals posted over the wood. Certainly a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

Kitchen Towels

kitchen towels

You can’t go wrong with a giraffe kitchen towel hanging over your cabinet. Everyone needs some kitchen towel for drying fruits, dishes, and wiping your hands before starting a meal.

But these kitchen towels are extra special because they mostly come hand-made with custom designs.

You’ll find tons of varying colors and sizes with some thicker & longer than others.

Be sure to read the description before grabbing anything because you want to make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for. And with so many options to pick from I’d say you’re bound to find something.

Cake Toppers

giraffe cake toppers

If you’re big into baking then you know it’s the little details that make all the difference. With giraffe cake toppers you can bring your cake designs from ok to extravagant in no time.

Well, maybe it’ll take a little more than that.

But these giraffe toppers pack quite a punch on your desserts. You can even find some for wedding cakes and birthday cakes too.

Plus if you wanna go the extra mile look into custom frosting designs with giraffe patterns. They’re not easy to make but if you practice enough you can craft a gorgeous cake design from scratch.

Tea Ball Infusers

giraffe teal infuser

Some people like coffee, some people like tea. If you’re in the latter you may like these adorable giraffe tea infusers that come with a link chain and ball holder for your tea bag.

These come in many different styles but they’re mostly wood or silver.

The giraffe part hangs out of the cup so you can dip it much like a tea bag. These are real easy to clean and reuse for pretty much anything so they’re perfect for tea lovers of all ages.

Napkin Holders

giraffe napkin holder

If you go through napkins with every meal then why not jazz up your napkin holder? These giraffe designs let you style up your napkins to bring the African flatlands right into your dining room.

You’ll find both flat napkin holders and the upright variations with many different styles.

They all have similar sizes and they should all hold your napkins no trouble.

Just remember that a lot of these are handmade items with only a few in existance. If you see one you like be sure to pick it up before it sells out!

Wine Holders

custom wine holder

Here’s another piece for wine lovers that I think should work in any kitchen.

You may have trouble finding other wine holders because this isn’t a super popular item. But this design is one of my favorites and it’s a must-have if you’re big into giraffes.

The construction is very sturdy and it uses a simplistic design to blend with any decor from modern to minimalist.

The shop creator NativeDecorStore offers multiples so you shouldn’t have trouble getting one. And they sell many other wine holders of different animals so take a look at their shop to see if you find anything else you like.

Giraffe Bathroom Decor

There’s not as much out there for bathroom decor but I did find quite a few items you may like.

The best thing about giraffe decor is how subtle it can be in the room. It only takes one or two pieces to bring that accent to life.

Handmade Soaps

handmade soaps

I recently covered a list of soap making books that anyone can follow. But if you don’t have the time(or patience) to create your own soaps, why not buy then from others who do?

You can find tons of handmade giraffe soaps with a wide variety of fragrances.

These also come in many different sizes for hand soaps to body soaps. Some are even safe to use on pets if you wanna go that route.

Soap Dispensers

soap dispenser giraffe

The perfect item to pair with fresh giraffe soap is a new giraffe soap dispenser.

Each soap dispenser is a little different where some have bigger pumps, some have larger openings, and they all have very different designs.

But the beauty of Etsy is how much you can find with just a quick search.

Plus every so often I find handmade giraffe soap dishes too. These fit nicely on any bathroom sink if you prefer the bars of soap over liquids.

Personal Bath/Swim Towel

bath towels

Wanna go all-out with a custom giraffe bath towel? Then you’ll love these designs with options ranging from kids towels to full-sized beach towels.

I’ll admit that most of the giraffe towels lean towards children. They’re a staple for kids because this animal works well in nurseries.

But you can find other giraffe patterned towels for drying yourself and sprucing up your bathroom. Plus they should all fit nicely on a typical bathroom towel rack.

Shower Curtain

giraffe shower curtain

To really jazz up your bathroom consider grabbing a full shower curtain.

Each design has its own style and fabric so be sure to read descriptions before getting anything.

There’s so much to pick from where you can find full giraffe prints, patterns, and even savanna scenes printing onto shower curtains.

Giraffe Living Room Decor

I find that living rooms are the best for adding decor into your home.

You can add a few pieces into your living space and share your love of giraffes without going overboard. Plus it doesn’t take much to decorate a room so any of these pieces should work well.

Throw Pillows

giraffe throw pillows

If you’re clamoring for some throw pillows then fret no more.

These giraffe throw pillows come in many different styles with illustrations, photographs, giraffe patterns, and more modern simplistic designs.

Some are full throw pillows while others are just covers for existing throw pillows. You can go either way and still get the same effect, just depends what you’re looking for.

But no doubt Etsy has the largest collection with the most variation to pick from.

Drink Coasters

drink coasters

Keep your coffee tables clean of water damage with crisp giraffe drink coasters.

You can pick up a set of 4 without dropping much money and keep them around for life. Some use solid wood, others use reinforced glass or ceramic designs.

Coasters are some of the most common items to add into your living room so it’s no surprise there’s a bunch of variation.

Just make sure you check quantities first to see if you can order enough.

Cup Cozy

cup cozy giraffes

These cup cozies are perfect for keeping your hands comfortable while handling hot beverages.

Most designs rely on thick fabric which is perfect for insulating your sensitive skin from a hot coffee or tea. I personally like the giraffe print fabrics with the fur patterns, but you can also find giraffe faces and crochet designs too.

A lot of these designs are made to order so if you need high volume consider checking with the shop owner first.

Lamp Shades

giraffe lamp shades

Whether you want a semi-formal lamp shade or a cute design for your child’s bedroom, there’s a lot out there to pick from.

With giraffe lamp shade designs I always prefer the fur patterns over anything else. They look very natural and blend in with a room that already may have an eclectic or rustic/outdoorsy feel.

Yet you can also pair other giraffe or animal patterns with your living room depending on the decorating style.

Take a look and see what’s out there because you may be surprised how many giraffe-styled lamp shades exist.

Fan Pull Cord

fan pulls giraffes

Few people think of pull cords because most fans come with them. But you can actually replace yours with a giraffe fan pull to add a small touch into any room.

This works best in living rooms but of course you could set this up for any room with an overhead fan.

Most of the time these will not work on table lamps but check yours to see if they could.

Custom Giraffe Bookends

giraffe bookends

I like to keep my most-read books out in the open for quick reference. But rather than tossing them onto a table it’s a lot nicer to add bookends so they stay organized.

Check out these giraffe bookends to see if there’s any styles you like.

Some look incredibly formal while others fit into pretty much any decor style.

I don’t think everyone needs bookends and they certainly aren’t a hot commodity. But they do serve a purpose and if you can dress ‘em up with giraffes then why not!

Giraffe Table Decorations

I consider tabletop decorations pretty simple additions to any home.

These are my top picks for giraffe decor that can work on any table. But don’t take this as the complete list because you’ll find so many others items if you search around.

Flower Pot

flower pots giraffes

Whether you have real flowers or fake ones these giraffe flower pots look wonderful alongside any table.

They do vary widely in sizes so make sure you measure your tables before ordering. But I have found some incredibly detailed patterns that really bring the giraffe look to life.

And if you’re looking to bring these outdoors you can keep them in the garden or on a shelf near your entryway.

Tissue Box Covers

tissue box covers

I admit this may be going a little overboard, but gosh darnit these really do look awesome.

Tissue box covers let you decorate your, well, tissue boxes. Thankfully there are some cool giraffe styles that fit both a child’s room and a main living room.

A good majority of these are handmade so you’ll wanna grab anything you like before it sells out.

Table Runners

table runners

For longer coffee tables and dining room tables you might pick up a giraffe table runner.

This certainly isn’t needed for your room but it does add that mild touch of interior style. You can find a bunch of great runners and my favorites all use the giraffe pelt design.

But as with everything else in this guide there’s a lot of variety to pick from.

See what’s out there and if you can match up a runner with your room be sure to pick it up.

Candle Holders

giraffe candle holders

If you burn a lot of candles then look into grabbing a giraffe candle holder for your tabletop.

You can pick up a couple of these for pretty cheap and they’ll last you a lifetime. The difficulty is finding a set of candle holders that’ll match the room.

Thankfully most of these candle holders use simple colors that blend well across all decorating styles. But I’d only recommend these if you’re big into candles and have a need for them taking up space.

Giraffe Centerpieces

giraffe centerpiece

One other table design idea is a giraffe centerpiece. This is certainly a unique idea and many of these actually go best with parties.

But there are some centerpieces you could keep out year-long on your coffee table or dining room table, or even in your child’s room if they have a small end table.

Giraffe Wall Decor

Not everyone has the space on counters or tables to add extra decorations. But it’s not too hard to find extra space on your walls.

These wall decorations come with a mix of practical items along with simple art. Take a look and see if any can fit with your home.

Wall Decals

wall decals of giraffes

Custom wall decals can either look really nice or super goofy depending on how they’re setup.

I find that giraffe wall decals go best in a nursery or in a child’s room. They can also work well in a home office or some type of creative studio room.

But I wouldn’t recommend these for any main room in the house because they’ll draw too much attention. Decals are great when used sparingly but make sure you’ve got the space for ‘em.

Rustic Designs

rustic giraffe art

I simply adore rustic wall art. It’s one of the best decorating styles to follow because it creates a very at-home feeling in the space.

With these rustic giraffe designs you can sort through dozens of custom wall pieces. They mostly focus on giraffes but some include other animals from the savanna too.

And they all come with detailed wood styles so there are many colors and patterns to pick from.

Wall Hooks & Hangers

wall hooks

A key hook is one of the more pragmatic additions you can add onto your wall. This fits well right by the door so you always know where to find your keys.

If you’re willing to push your style check out these giraffe wall hooks.

Some are meant to be key hooks while others act more like coat hangers. You can also fit these in your child’s room if they have trouble keeping track of their coats.

But the coolest thing about these hooks is their multi-purpose design. Real easy to get them mounted and they’ll last for years.

Custom Wall Clocks

wall clock

You can place wall clocks anywhere from the living room to your bedroom or the kitchen. And with so many different styles you might have no idea where to start.

But considering this post is all about giraffes I’d wager you might like a sleek giraffe clock to hang on your wall.

Again these come in many different styles where some are repurposed, others are handmade, and others are vintage items from years past.

You’ll also find a good variety of more “modern” designs along with children’s designs for a nursery.

Faux Wall Mount Taxidermy

faux giraffe wall mount

This may not work in every home but if you like wall-mounted animals check out some faux giraffe taxidermy plaques.

Yes these are all fake so don’t worry about any giraffes being hunted. In fact they’re all pretty cheap considering the materials and you can find many styles from realistic heads to cartoony designs.

I’d say these can work in any room but they have to work around the existing decor.

Giraffe Nursery Decor

If you’ve got kids then you know how much work it is to create a beautiful nursery. This adapts over time as your kids get older and they start picking their own decorations.

But giraffes are perfect for nurseries and these decorations can give you some ideas to start with.

Name Plates & Signs

name plates

If your kids love giraffes then consider grabbing them a personalized name plate for their room.

You can usually get any plate customized with any phrase you want. So these even work for other rooms if you wanna label bathrooms to avoid confusion when guests are over.

But most have kid-oriented designs so they’ll make awesome birthday gifts for youngins.

Growth Charts

growth charts giraffes

It’s always fun watching the years pass and seeing your kids get older. Maybe “fun” isn’t the right word but it’s exciting!

These giraffe growth charts are fun to tack onto your nursery wall as the years pass. You can mark their growth with each birthday and it’s something you can keep for the memories once they’re all grown up.

Diaper Bags

diaper bags

Everyone needs a diaper bag prepped and ready to go. You can find some simpler designs in stores but why not go with a little flair instead?

These giraffe diaper bags are well designed and full of life.

They’ll work with just about any style and most kids love the giraffe designs.

Night Lights

nightlights of giraffes

Wall night lights are especially helpful if your house gets real dark at night.

Take a look over these giraffe night lights to see if any are worth grabbing. Most of these are handmade and the attention to detail is exquisite.

But they’re also very unique so if you want some giraffe decor in your home these nightlights are truly one of a kind.

Handmade Rugs

homemade rug

Your kids may also like floor rugs for their nursery. These last quite a while and you can find them in many different styles.

A lot of these custom giraffe floor rugs use giraffe shapes or faces for the designs. But you can also find more generic patterns in case you think the giraffe face would scare your child.

Light Switch Covers

light switch cover

Here’s another very subtle design aesthetic you can fit into practically any room, but it works especially well in a nursery.

Giraffe light switches are mostly custom made so they are all unique. These come in a lot of styles with some geared towards nurseries and others geared towards main rooms in the house.

Take a look at see what’s out there because you may be surprised how many light switch covers can work in any room.

Step Stools

step stools

Adding a step stool into your bathroom or kitchen is great when you’ve got smaller kids. This may not stick around for too many years but it’s still a cute item to have when needed.

If you like custom designs then these giraffe step stools are sure to please.

There are so many hand painted designs in this list that I can’t recommend just one. Take a look at what’s out there and see if any jump out at you.

Baby Crib Mobiles

baby mobiles

Last but certainly not least is the beloved giraffe baby crib mobile. This is perhaps one of the most iconic features of any nursery and it’s practically a must-have for babies.

Many of these mobiles are customs and some include a mix of African savanna animals.

But you can also find giraffe-only mobiles with a bunch of options to pick from. These aren’t exactly the cheapest but they have fare more attention to detail compared to anything you’ll find in baby stores.

Various Giraffe Home Decor Items

Here are all the decorations I couldn’t squeeze into one of the other categories.

This is like my random grab bag of interesting decorations and you never know what you’ll find. So before we wrap up this post take a look over these other giraffe pieces you might want for you home.

Binder Clips

binder clips

Try adding these adorable binder clips into your home office for a taste of African design.

These are fairly cheap to order in bulk and you can keep ‘em for life so long as you don’t lose too many. I always like to decorate my office with little knick-knacks and these are a prime example of something cheap & easy.

Desk Accessory Cans

containers giraffe prints

Another cool idea for an office is a custom desk can for storage.

These things can hold pretty much whatever you need and they come in varying sizes too.

In fact these could work for any room from your bedroom to the kitchen. It just depends what you wanna keep inside.

Notepads & Note Cards

notepads giraffes

Looking to add some creativity into your grocery lists and the notes you stick on the fridge? Then grab a pad of giraffe note cards.

You’ll find a tremendous selection online with many different sizes, paper styles, and of course patterns & prints to choose from.

Best of all these notecards are pretty affordable for the amount you get.

Mouse Pads

mouse pads

To save your desk from wear & tear it’s a good idea to use a mouse pad. This keeps laser mice from wearing down the wood over years of use.

Fans of giraffes will surely love these custom mouse pads which again come in a wide variety of styles.

Some measure a bit wider so be sure to check the dimensions before ordering. But no matter what size of desk you have there’s bound to be something that’ll work.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

xmas ornaments

Every year around December it’s fun to pull out the ornaments and decorate your home for the holidays.

With xmas giraffe ornaments you can add some savanna love into your Christmas tree. All of these ornaments are handmade so they’re both unique and rare to find.

If you see any ornaments that would look gorgeous on your tree be sure to grab ‘em before they sell out.

Door Stopper

giraffe door stopper

Whether you’re trying to keep the warm air in or keep the cold air out, a door stopper is a great solution.

You can find a few giraffe door stoppers out there which all have custom giraffe spot patterns. I like these because they’re subtle enough to blend into any room, yet detailed enough to bring the giraffe designs to life.

But there are so many other giraffe decor items out there but I simply can’t cover them all.

Use this guide as a huge starting point to add more giraffarific stuff into your home.

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