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Handmade Cooking Spoons & Scoops For Your Kitchen

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A loving kitchen is a staple for any welcoming home or apartment. And what good is a kitchen without fresh-cooked food?

Cooking spoons can be used for scooping, measuring, serving, mixing, stirring, and tasting(among other things). You can pick up a pack of generic cooking spoons, or you can push for aesthetics like the spoons in this post.

I’ve curated a bunch of hand-crafted spoons & scoopers to add some pizzazz to your kitchen. Check out this list and see if anything grabs your attention.

Cherry Knife and Jam Spoon

beeswax breakfast set cherry knife jam spoon

Cherry Wood Colander Spoon

etsy custom wooden colander spoon holes cooking

Coffee Measuring Tablespoon

dark mesquite wood tablespoon

4-Set Dipped Cooking Spoons

colored handles blue green wooden cooking spoons

Personalized Design

beech wood spoon cotton hangar custom waxed

Thyme to Cook

wooden kitchen spoon burnt engraving cooking thyme

Colorful Scoops

colored scoop coffee flour sugar rice utensil

Cereal Killer

silver spoon engraved cereal killer eating

Oak Leaves and Acorns

burned wooden spoon pattern leaves acorns

Sauté Spatula-Spoon

wooden saute spatula spoon strainer utensil

Hand-Carved Cherry Spoon Set

etsy cherry wood spoons set handmade curvy

Flat Heart Spoon

cherry wood cooking spoon shaped heart

Farm Animal Measuring Spoons

ceramic blue sheep chicken pig measuring spoons

Hipster Guy’s Mouth

wooden spoon hipster guy mouth tasting funny

Pasta & Salad Server

wooden spoons pasta salad dish serving utensils

Olive Wood Spoon Set

olive wood sauce spoon longer cooking


pyrography wooden spoons letters cook

Spoon of Magic

wooden hand-carved burned artwork spoon

Big Scooper

wooden oak tree scoop spoon custom

Mini Serving Spoon

dual colors dark light serving spoon wood

Moustache Spoons

5-set wooden spoons mustache design

Handcarved Serving Spoon

splash pattern carving wooden spoon

Salt Bowl and Spoon

serving bowl matching spoon black walnut finish

Man in the Moon Spoons

spoons custom design man on the moon face

Glazed Textured Spoons

handmade clay glaze spoons dishes cooking

Spiral Handles

handmade wooden spoons curvy spiral handle

Head Spoons with Holder

wooden spoons heads design wall holder

Wooden Coffee Scoop

wooden coffee scooper handmade
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