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Funky Handmade Table Lamps For Your Home

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A little while back I covered steampunk lamps and that post got some nice attention. But there are so many different styles of table lamps you can find to match any decor from modern to eclectic, 1920s style or even retro/upcycled materials.

For this post I’ve cataloged more obscure types of table lamps. These designs range from igloos to alcohol bottles and even a custom Minnesota Twins baseball lamp. These lamps offer the perfect decorative touch for anyone with an oddball design sense.

Geometric Harmony

small wooden table lamp shade musical notes pattern

Terrarium Display Table Lamp

home decor terrarium table lamp custom design etsy

Sculptural Edison Bulb

wooden unique handmade table desk lamp exposed bulb

Contemporary New York

contemporary table lamp new york city lampshade design

Coffee Filter Lamps

eco-friendly coffee filter lampshade design handmade

Dragonfly Stained Glass

dragonfly tiffany style table lamp short stained glass

Grande Flower with Accents

big flower bulb lamp accents grand interior etsy

Amber Willow

stained glass small table lamp brown orange baltic amber

Vintage Toy Cart

brass vintage toy cart table lamp velvet lampshade etsy

35mm Film Lamp

home theater decor table lamp 35mm filming handmade

Triple Shade Lamp

home decor triple shaded lamp with storage etsy

Hand-Carved Tiki

etsy handmade product tiki guy table lamp wooden

Pollock Lamp

jackson pollock round shades lamp acrylic etsy

Marble Mission Lamp

handmade etsy rectangular crystal white marble lamp

Multicolored Bubbles

polyester multicolored bubbles table lamp handmade

Crown Royal Lamp

charming bright crown royal bottle handmade fringed lampshade

Glass Bookshelf Lamp

custom rectangle lamp bookshelf fitted unique etsy

Willy Wonka Lamp

custom lampshade gene wilder willy winka golden ticket

Minnesota Twins Baseball Lamp

baseball structure handmade lamp bats mitts etsy

Retro Mosaic

stained glass mosaic pattern table lamp etsy

Globe Shade

etsy one-of-a-kind handmade half globe tablelamp

Prickly Pear Cactus

prickly pear cactus table lamp etsy design home decor

Day of the Dead

donjulio tequila bottle table lamp etsy

Igloo Table Lamp

custom handmade table lamp igloo etsy product small

It Be A Pirate Lamp, Matie!

custom dubloons coins lampshade pirates water map etsy

Edison Street Lamp

old fashioned edison table lamp 1700s 1800s retro etsy

Handmade Tree of Light

green leaves handmade tree light table lamp products customized
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