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Handmade Wall Outlet Nightlights For Your Home

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A nightlight makes it so much easier getting to the bathroom at midnight without tripping over stuff. Many of the plain night lights you find in stores can do the job. They work, but they’re not so pretty.

After perusing the web I’ve curated this collection of unique customized nightlights. You’ll find plenty of nightlights for kids, teens, and adults with so many awesome deigns to pick from: hearts, ladybugs, retro items, world maps and even liquor bottle shaped nightlights.


nightlight pirate head

Pink Watermelon

cute pink green watermelon slice seeds nightlight

Dandelion with Leaves

dandelion flower weed leaves night light

Opalescent Moonstone

night light bowl glass moonstone hobnail etsy

Malibu Caribbean Rum

rum small bottle nightlight malibu handle

Glass Heart

square glass heart shape custom nightlight

Bright Purple Heart

colorful purple nightlight heart shape etsy

Ladybug on a Leaf

ladybug on green leaf nightlight photo

Christmas Tree Pattern

christmas tree pattern lamp nightlight shade

Pink & White Shabby Chic

pink shade nightlight design pattern shabby chic

Vintage Map

old vintage map shade hermit island maine nightlight

Grey Poupon

fancy grey poupon jar nightlight accent etsy

Mauve Striped Nightlight

purple and mauve square stripes pattern nightlight

Southwestern Turtle

southwestern desert turtle shaped nightlight etsy

Vintage Camera

imperial lark camera nightlight vintage etsy

Fused Glass

green glass pattern nightlight etsy

Go Dog, Go!

dr seuss go dog nightlight design etsy

Sun and Moon

celestial sigil sun moon nightlight etsy

Ocean Wave

water ocean wave design pattern nightlight etsy

Adobe Building

handmade etsy nightlight adobe building windows


star wars r2d2 nightlight shade pattern etsy

Spooky Shades

orange halloween shade nightlight pattern etsy

Aqua Fused Glass

aqua fused glass rhinestone dragonfly nightlight

Dark Red Cover

red votive candleholder design nightlight etsy

Camping Time

cute bedroom nightlight camping trip

Mardis Gras Heart

red gems heart shape mardis gras nightlight

Handmade Robot

custom robot artwork nightlight design etsy
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