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15 Beautiful Subreddits For Home Décor & Decorating

If you’re looking for home design ideas you’ll probably hit up Pinterest or Instagram.

But there are tons of Reddits that also share interior decorating ideas. Many photos are curated from real rooms and mixed with feedback from the communities.

That’s why I recommend these 15 subreddits as resources for planning home decor. From finding your style to minimalist ideas and cheap decorating tips on a budget, there’s something in this list for everyone.

1. /r/RoomPorn

roomporn subreddit

By far the largest and most aesthetically pleasing sub I’ve ever seen has to be /r/RoomPorn.

This is part of the SFW porn network that uses “porn” as a phrase of endearment. Members submit photos of interiors that are so beautiful they’re basically like decorating porn.

Submission rules are somewhat strict so it’s good to read the rules before posting anything.

However you can find a lot of ideas just by browsing the sub or searching for decorating styles you like. This sub has over 500k subscribers but doesn’t typically get more than a few posts each day.

That large subscriber count proves that people appreciate these interior shots but just don’t know what else to post!


2. /r/HomeDecorating

For more of an advice community check out /r/HomeDecorating.

This is much smaller with only 8k subscribers but it has a similar amount of activity. Posts come from new homeowners and new apartmenters who want to decorate their living space.

When you have no experience decorating it can become a real pain in the butt. Thankfully this community is super helpful with some very knowledgeable people.

Ask whatever questions you have and don’t be embarrassed to share photos.


3. /r/BudgetDecor

Trying to decorate your pad on a budget? No problem, the folks at /r/BudgetDecor have you covered.

It’s another very small yet highly active community and it’s full of great decorating questions.

Most threads talk about very specific situations like decorating for certain types of rooms, matching colors, furniture pieces, and other ideas.

You’ll learn a lot by browsing existing threads but you can learn even more by asking the right questions.

The goal of this sub is to help everyone create a gorgeous living space without breaking the bank.


4. /r/InteriorDesign

interiordesign subreddit

The topic of interior design is long and very complicated. This may seem absurd because it’s just decorating a room, right?

Well the folks at /r/InteriorDesign may disagree. It goes beyond just decorating to include furniture pieces, accents, colors, materials, and even room layouts to create the best use of the space.

Spend a bit of time in this subreddit and you’ll see what I mean. There’s so much to learn from the community and I truly think every homeowner should know a little about interior design.

If you really wanna get into home design & decorating check out our decorating books list full of resources for newbies.


5. /r/Minimalist

minimalist subreddit

Minimalism goes beyond just design to encompass a way of life. It’s a method of living cheap and not indulging in consumerism just to buy the latest stuff.

On the Minimalist sub you’ll find lots of advice on following this lifestyle. It’s not just a matter of buying simple items or sticking to a simple color scheme.

It’s about revamping your life so that your home decor matches your simple lifestyle.

Not everyone is cut out to live a minimalist life. And frankly I wouldn’t want everyone to live that way.

But if you want to learn more this community is a great place to start.


6. /r/Decor

The decor subreddit is very mixed with quality posts vs articles/info pieces that don’t really say much.

It’s likely because the sub is small and only has about 2.5k subscribers.

There’s maybe 1-2 new posts daily and many of them go directly to articles. Nothing inherently wrong with this but they aren’t 100% valuable posts.

I still wanted to include this in my list because I think it has potential to grow. With only a few dedicated members this community could offer real guidance & tips for beautiful home decor.


7. /r/ScandinavianInterior

scandinaviandecor subreddit

The Scandinavian countries are known for their very unique sense of style. Everyone equates the Swedes and Ikea but it goes further than that.

Everyone at /r/ScandinavianInterior loves this interior style and shares that love in one place.

It’s not the most active community(3-4 posts per week) but each post can get a lot of votes and comments so it’s worth joining.

Just try to make sure your posts offer value to the community before publishing.


8. /r/Malelivingspace

male living space subreddit

For whatever reason there seems to be a difference between men’s and women’s styles with decorating.

Many people think of women as better decorators but men can design incredible rooms just as well. Living proof is in the subreddit /r/Malelivingspace with over 130k subscribers and tons of new threads daily.

It’s full of photo galleries of male living spaces complete with a variety of decorating styles.

If you’re not sure how to decorate your guy pad this community will help. It’s a very friendly group of people and you’re free to ask tons of questions too.


9. /r/ApartmentDesign

Not everyone can afford a house and it’s a totally different process to decorate an apartment.

The community at /r/ApartmentDesign can help you plan your entire abode from room to room with ideas that should mesh nicely with your landlord.

Note this is a very quiet community with about 3k subscribers and not too many posts. I’d say it averages 2-3 posts per month and they’re mostly questions about decorating.

It’s an excellent place to get advice on your apartment’s interior but you might try a larger subreddit first.


10. /r/Organization

organization subreddit

Feel like your home is in disarray? Want to find a better way to keep your place clean and tidy?

The folks in the organization subreddit can help.

Note this isn’t exactly just on home organization. It’s a place to gather ideas for all types of organizing like school supplies and work desks.

Yet many threads do share great tips to keep your home life organized.

And if you’re more of a visual person check out the /r/OrganizationPorn subreddit as well.


11. /r/DesignMyRoom

Designing can be such a frustrating process and many people just throw in the towel accepting their rooms as generic and bland.

Before you do that check out /r/DesignMyRoom. It’s a pretty large subreddit with 18k subscribers and new posts almost daily.

You create a new thread with photos of your room, ideas of things you might like, and your preference in room styles. From there people will share advice and even link to items/furniture you might look into.

A truly fantastic subreddit for non-decorators who just want a decent looking room without all the frustration.


12. /r/Beforesandafters

Anyone who’s lived through a home renovation knows it’s tough. But the end result can be absolutely incredible where the new design looks almost nothing like the original.

/r/Beforesandafters shares photos of home renovations both exteriors and interiors.

You can see how people transform old rooms or outdated buildings into gorgeous new properties to sell(or live in!)

Unfortunately the sub isn’t very active but there are some really amazing photo galleries comparing entire home renovations from start to finish.


13. /r/KitchenPorn

To get a little more specific you might also like the /r/KitchenPorn subreddit dedicated solely to kitchen designs.

Counters, tiles, pendant lights, appliances, wall art, everything is on the (kitchen) table with this subreddit of less than 2k subscribers.

Note this is not a place to ask about renovation advice.

It’s a community dedicated to photos of kitchens and sharing ideas for decorating. I think it’s one of the better subs for design inspiration even though it’s pretty slow(maybe one post per month).

Still if you’re into kitchens then check it out and try posting every so often too.


14. /r/HomeImprovement

If you’re looking to do some renovation work then /r/HomeImprovement is an excellent sub to browse.

This place is massive with 190k subscribers and dozens of new daily posts. The community is very responsive so you should get plenty of comments for any questions you have.

It’s also a great place to browse if you want to see what other questions people have about their homes. Looking to fix a leaky pipe yourself? Need new insulation? Can’t get the doorbell to work?

All of this advice has been covered many times over with some great reading material for those brave enough to find it.


15. /r/ManCave

Last in this massive list is the /r/ManCave subreddit.

I understand this likely applies more to men than women but it’s such a cool sub I just had to include it.

This is a place to find photos of people’s man caves and find advice on designing your own.

It has a large DIY mentality which is common amongst the Reddit crowd.

But it’s also a place you can browse to gather decorating ideas and plan the decor of your future man cave.

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