Showcase of Kids Bedroom Interior Designs

If you have kids then you know how creative and funny they can be. Parents often try to reflect this creativity in their children’s room design.

Take a peek at these kid’s bedrooms to get some ideas for your own house. Decorating is a very creative process so be sure to keep your mind open and flowing with new ideas.

The Solar System

space universe solar system bedroom interior kids
Credit to Space Coast Construction

Modern Lake House

kids room multiple beds widescreen television interior
Photo by Chris Parkinson Photography, designed by Hyrum McKay Bates Design

Sleeping in Nature

trees walls eclectic bedroom kids interior design
Credit to Kerri Robusto Interiors

Traditional Boy’s Bedroom

bunkbeds dark red wall black white carpet spacious

Credit to Heartwood Corp.

The Green Jungle

wall mural artwork green jungle trees animals cute bedroom
Credit to Allen Deaver

Teenage Boy

sports gear dark blue bedroom teenager interior
Credit to Bernard André Photography, designed by TRG Architects

Vibrant & Colorful

vancouver canada interior bedroom bright green blue colorful
Credit to Wilson & Company Ltd

Lake Michigan Retreat

clean modern bunkbeds wooden michigan interior kids
Credit to The Inman Company

Homearama 2011

red black white skateboarding sports clean bedroom interior
Credit to Kimberly Fox Designs

Homearama 2013

snowboard room 2013 homearama traditional boys bedroom
Credit to Kimberly Fox Designs and Justin Doyle Homes

Girly Room

beautiful girls room green butterflies modern
Credit to Kerri Robusto Interiors

Modern Fashion

teen bedroom interior design fashionable
Designed by Robeson Design, photo credit to David Hartig

Extreme Sports

boys bedroom bmx skateboarding scooters logos bunkbeds
Credit to Alina Druga Interiors

Cozy Room

cozy san francisco bedroom blue clean for children
Credit to Thomas Kuoh, designed by Niche Interiors

Jonny Boy’s Bedroom

clean blue jeans wall teddy bears kids interior
Credit to Imagine Living

Forest House

cute orange colorful bright fluffy bedroom kids interior
Credit to McClellan Architects

Contemporary in Los Angeles

contemporary boys bedroom interior los angeles california
Credit to Sarah Barnard Design
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