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Home Offices With Corner Desks: A Design Idea Gallery

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If you’ve got the space in your home for a personal office then a corner desk is superb. It offers so much space to work with a cozy productive nook to call your own.

The first step is, naturally, finding a corner desk that you like. We wrote a detailed buyer’s guide covering the best desks out there.

But once you find a great corner desk you can use these decor photos as references. Check out how these designers craft beautiful rooms around the powerhouse of a corner workspace.

Study Interiors

Corner office with bright walls
Credit to John TeSelle

West 16th

Traditional home office in Vancouver
Credit to Reid Developments Ltd – Photo by Martin Knowles Photography

Hermit Street

Custom corner desk in home office
Credit to Studio IQ

Nedland Home

Nedland home interior design corner desk
Credit to Interior Rejuvenations – Photo by Seth Alejander Photography

Modern Beach Office

Corner desk in beach office
Credit to DD Ford Construction & NMA Architects

New Construction Home

New home office with corner desk
Credit to Janiczek Homes – Photo by Angle Eye Photography


Rustic home office with corner desk
Credit to Lands End Development

Collier’s Barton

Corner desk office light wood style
Credit to Colin Cadle Photography

Modern Home Office

SF Bay home office corner desk
Credit to Harrell Remodeling, Inc. – Photo by William Enos / Emerald Light Photography

Remodel in Los Gatos

Custom handmade home office corner desk
Credit to Kip’s Kustom Homes – Photo by Victor Lin Photography

Warehouse District Loft

Small home office white corner desk
Credit to Teskey Mediaworks

NYC Office

Red walls in home office
Credit to Edward DeLeon – Photo by Kyle Ford Photography

Denver Office

Contemporary home office corner desk
Credit to Studio 4C

Menlo Park

Large corner desk in tall home office room
Credit to Ruth Livingston Studio – Photo by Eric Rorer

Camas Home

Dark modern entertainment home office room mixed
Credit to House of George LLC

Echo Park

Corner desk in dark industrial renovation
Credit to Creative Spaces Interior Design – Photo by Tom Queally Photography
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