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Pineapple Décor: The Ultimate Collection For Every Room

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The savory pineapple packs a punch in recipes and home decor.

Pineapples are full of life and bring a relaxed island feel to any room. If you love pineapples and beach life then you’re sure to find a bunch of sweet decorations here that vibe with your home.

Pineapple Kitchen Decor

There are tons of kitchen items with pineapple decor.

I’m surprised how many I could find out there and it shows just how popular pineapples are with kitchens & dining rooms. Take a look and see if any of these could work well in your kitchen.

Cookie Jars

pineapple cookie jars

Let’s start with the beloved pineapple cookie jar. This isn’t really something I think of when it comes to cookies, but it does have the right shape and size for it.

A good majority of these designs are handmade while others are vintage items sold by collectors.

If you like the idea of a pineapple cookie jar then pick one up. But it’s certainly a unique style and probably won’t fit in every home.

Sponge Holder

pineapple sponge holder

For a more subtle touch of pineapple decor check out these custom sponge holders.

They work great for any sink and don’t draw as much attention. The shapes feel very natural and many of them don’t have super bright colors so they can work in any kitchen.

Handmade Tableware

pineapple table spoons

From wooden cooking spoons to serving spoons and even regular tablespoons, there’s a lot of custom utensils out there.

These pineapple spoons are the cream of the crop with many being custom made from scratch.

I prefer wooden spoons for things like salad servers but you can find a whole variety of stuff if you take the time to look.

Spoon Rest

pineapple spoon rests

Nothing pairs better with a pineapple spoon than a pineapple spoon rest.

Each of these spoon rests come in different sizes so you should measure to make sure you’ve got room on your countertops. But generally speaking all of these designs are fantastic and really make you think of summertime.

Pineapple Mug

pineapple mugs

Looking for a way to bring the beach into your morning coffee? Try picking up a pineapple mug with dozens of tropical accent styles.

These are mostly all handmade with custom paint jobs and varying decals. You can find a ton of variety out there and so many of these mugs would go great with any meal.

Drinking Glasses

pineapple drinking glasses

Likewise you might enjoy a set of custom drinking glasses with pineapples emblazoned on the side.

Some of these are shot glasses, others are more like juice glasses for meals.

Again lots of styles and so many variations to pick from.

Fridge Magnets

pineapple magnets

If you’d like to add some tropical overtones onto your fridge then look into these custom fridge magnets.

They’re all very cheap and most are handmade so they’re impossible to find elsewhere. If you see one that grabs your eye be sure to pick it up before it sells out.

Pineapple Cutting Board

pineapple cutting board designs

Homeowners who want more style while cooking may like these pineapple cutting boards also created with custom designs.

Some are even cut from wood and shaped exactly like a pineapple. Pretty crazy!

But all of these are designed to a smooth finish and they’re pretty affordable too. Might make a nice addition to your kitchen or even as a gift for the chef in your family.

Cake & Cupcake Toppers

fruity cucake toppers

If you love decorating cakes then you’ll really get a kick out of these pineapple cake toppers.

Again most are handmade but you can find a huge variety for events like weddings and birthdays. There’s practically no end to the design styles and they all come in varying sizes for huge multi-tiered cakes or smaller cupcakes.

Bottle Openers

sweet bottle openers

Never worry about cracking open a cold one again with your trusty pineapple bottle opener.

The smaller openers are very cheap and they work great as gifts too. But you can also find wall-mounted bottle openers that add some flavor to your home while also serving a valuable purpose.

Pineapple Stoppers

custom bottle stoppers

Similarly big wine drinkers might like these pineapple bottle stoppers for keeping their liquid fresh and capped.

They come in all different styles where some have silver, gold, or even hand-painted designs with a wooden top. Either way it’s sure to get you excited for that glass of wine.

Rolling Pins

pineapple rolling pin shapes

Believe it or not you can actually buy pineapple pattern rolling pins to use in your baked goods.

These work especially well for cookies but also fit nicely with rolls or cupcakes. This may feel like somewhat of a novelty but a custom rolling pin is really a nice gift for anyone who enjoys baking.

Serving Plates

pineapple serving trays

I’ve seen a bunch of really cool pineapple serving plates out on the web that might fit nicely in your home.

Many of these are made of wood and shaped like pineapples to grab attention. But others use pineapple decals or painted graphics.

Overall a cool addition for home parties but certainly not a must-have decor item.

Napkin Rings

pineapple napkin rings

One other party staple is the napkin ring that fits so nicely on fancy folded napkins.

These napkin rings all come with different pineapple shapes and styles. They’re perfect for parties at home and grabbing attention from guests who have never seen anything quite like this before.

Napkin Holders

pineapple napkin holders

A staple for any kitchen is the napkin holder. Most are pretty bland but they do the job.

Yet why not add some life into your kitchen with a custom napkin holder.

This can even double as a sponge holder depending on the size and there are so many different styles to pick from.

Paper Towel Holders

pineapple paper towel holders

If you’re more of a paper towel person then look into a pineapple paper towel holder instead.

The vast majority are made with wood and they’re all handmade items too. This means you probably won’t find any duplicates for resale elsewhere.

But they’re just subtle enough to fit into any kitchen and jazz up the cooking space.

Pineapple Bathroom Decor

Bringing the pineapple sweetness into your bathroom is always a great idea.

But what you choose to decorate with is also a big consideration. These are the best decor items I’ve found for bathrooms but feel free to dig deeper and see what else you can find.

Bath Towels

pineapple bath towels

Yes there are tons of unique bath towels with pineapple prints on them. Some are meant for kids, others for larger beach/bath towels, but there’s a ton to choose from.

Browse through these pineapple towels and see what you can find. Be sure to check the size and material before ordering because each design is very different.

And you might even find some neat hand towels that can work in your bathroom too.

Shower Curtains

pineapple shower curtains

I’ve seen some radical shower curtain designs with crazy pineapple patterns from paint splatters to minimalist repeating graphics.

If you’re in need of a custom pineapple shower curtain then your journey ends here.

There are so many options to pick from that it might actually be tough making a choice. But see if any stand out and if you have questions always contact the seller before ordering.

Soap Dish

pineapple soap dishes

I love custom soap dishes because they’re so small yet they add a very noticeable touch into the room.

With these pineapple soap dishes the world is your oyster. There are so many different styles to pick from and most are handmade artisan designs.

Soap Dispenser

pineapple soap dispenser

Another alternative to the soap dish is the pineapple soap dispenser.

This only works with liquid soap but it’s also a bit more versatile. It really depends what you prefer in your bathroom.

Both are fantastic choices so you cannot go wrong either way.

Pineapple Bedroom Decor

There’s so much to cover for bedrooms but I’ll try to keep this section brief.

I’ve included decor items for both your bedroom and your kid’s bedrooms. You might even want to pick up a little something for both rooms!

Throw Pillows

pineapple throw pillows

Custom throw pillows work nicely in any room but they fit especially well in the bedroom. You can find a ton of pineapple throw pillows for your bed or any furniture in your bedroom.

If you wanna save money you could also go with a throw pillow cover instead.

This keeps your throw pillows clean while adding that lovable pineapple flair.

Savings Jar

pineapple savings jars

If you have loose change lying everywhere then think about setting up a money jar. This is pretty simple to do and you can even grab a handmade one if you’re looking for more pineapple decor in your room.

Most of these are designed with either wood or glass jars.

The decals are easy enough to add yourself but the truly handmade jars are well worth the money.

Storage Boxes

pineapple storage boxes

You might also need extra storage space in your bedroom for clothes, shoes, or various knick-knacks.

Look around at some pineapple storage bins to see what’s out there. You may be surprised how many you can find that are cheap and look awesome.

I prefer the linen/cloth bins although you can find pretty much everything from wood to sturdy plastic.

Ring & Jewelry Dish

pineapple ring dish

If you’ve got a lot of loose jewelry strewn all over your dresser then a jewelry dish makes a great addition to the room.

Of course you can find this designed with pineapple shapes and colors too.

Take a look and see if this is something you might wanna add. It’s really a great way to stay organized without spending much.

Baby Plush

pineapple plushes

While this may not fit with every nursery I do think a pineapple plush toy is a welcome item for most babies.

Pineapples are bright, easy to hold, and they make fun personifications with goofy faces. What’s not to love?

Baby Mobile

pineapple mobiles

If you want one more addition to your nursery consider grabbing a pineapple baby mobile.

These usually vary with different decorations in the mobile, so it’s tough to find one with just pineapples. But there are plenty of designs out there and they all look gorgeous.

Duvet Covers

pineapple duvet covers

If you want some extra style over your duvet look into a pineapple duvet cover.

This won’t always come cheap and the cost varies based on your bed size. But you can find some wild patterns that really blend nicely with a bedroom.

Pineapple Table Decorations

End tables and coffee tables are the easiest places to decorate. They’re usually just empty spots awaiting your expert decorating skills.

I’ve listed a few pineapple-themed items you might pick up for any table.

Just note that not all tables need extra decor, and a little bit can go a long way.

Custom Lamps

pineapple lamps

I was pleasantly surprised to find so many pineapple lamps for sale. These feel like a rarity but you can find dozens of custom styles out there.

Typically these lamps come with pineapple bases and you might not like the finish. They can feel gaudy if the colors are off.

But there are some nice flat lamps or general table lights in different styles to look at and see what you think.

Tissue Box Covers

pineapple tissue boxes

Everyone should have a box of tissues somewhere for the occasional sickness and allergy season.

With these pineapple tissue boxes you can bring a tropical fruit to your tissues with vibrant colors and a protective layer.

I can’t imagine that everyone would want one of these but they’re an easy way to decorate the room without adding an extra item to the table.

Drink Coasters

pineapple drink coasters

Keep your tables free of marks and stains with sleek pineapple coasters.

They come in many different styles with varying prints and color schemes. And you can even pick up different materials from woods to harder ceramics.

Seriously there’s like hundreds of different coasters so there’s gotta be a set online with your name on it.

Vases & Planters

pineapple vases

Indoor vases work nicely with both fake plants and real plants. Some are larger than others but it’s always nice to add some green life into the room.

By adding a custom pineapple vase you can also breathe life into the plant too.

And you can find even more results by searching for pineapple planters that work both inside and outside the home.

Custom Bookends

pineapple book ends

If you prefer bookcases for organizing books then you probably won’t need bookends. These are more for keeping books together on horizontal surfaces, usually a set of books you keep out for easy access.

Now if you do keep books out consider a set of pineapple bookends.

They’ll keep your books together while adding some juicy decorating style into the space.

Pineapple Wall Decorations

Along with table decorations I also like adding wall decorations into the mix.

Usually it’s easier to find space on the wall than it is on a table. Not to mention there are some really neat pineapple items you can add to your walls for that tropical feeling.

Wall Hooks

pineapple wall hanging hooks

Having trouble keeping track of your keys? Try adding a pineapple wall hook right by your door.

This is sure to be a valuable asset for any home because it keeps you organized and your tabletops clear. Some hooks are even pretty large so they can hold coats or anything else you want.

But a good majority of these are handmade so if you see one you like be sure to grab it before it’s gone.

Light Switch Covers

pineapple lightswitch

I see a lot of awesome light switch covers out there and pineapples work very well for this.

Typically your light switches aren’t the focal point of a room. This means they can blend nicely into the background most of the time.

So adding pineapples onto your switches works more like a smaller room accent that won’t take away from other design choices.

Wall Clocks

pineapple wall clocks

There are dozens of custom wall clocks you can pick from on the web. But if you like tropical styles then a pineapple wall clock is surely the best way to go.

You can get graphic prints or shabby chic painted clocks, or even some that are shaped just like a pineapple.

But if you’re looking for a kitchen clock you might also like our big list of kitchen wall clock designs(pineapples included!)

Hanging Wall Prints

pineapple prints

This is the obvious choice for anyone looking for pineapple wall decor. A small piece of art is the best way to add style into the room.

There are tons of simple wall prints on Etsy you can browse through and many even come framed. These are great for tossing a dash of pineapple onto your wall for a luxuriously tropical living space.

Night Lights

pineapple nightlights

Custom night lights are a big hit these days and these pineapple designs are sure to get you giddy.

Some hang down from the wall while others fit right into the outlet. Each design comes in a different shape & size so there’s a bunch you can choose from.

Door Hangers

pineapple door hangers

Wanna greet your visitors with a bright fruity treat? Then a pineapple door hanger is the way to go.

Many of these come with default text like “greetings” but you can always contact the seller for custom text. Some may be able to add your family name or a funny slogan onto it.

Or if you want something a little less traditional try a pineapple wreath. You can find some wacky designs out there if you look hard enough.

Miscellaneous Pineapple Decorations

To wrap up this post let’s dive into a bit of variety for pineapple home decor that doesn’t quite fit into the other sections.

These items can work for pretty much any room so you can go a little wild with the decorating.

Custom House Numbers

pineapple house numbers

A clear house number is helpful for guests and mailmen alike. But a well-decorated house number is just nice to look at even for passerbys.

These pineapple house numbers are all custom orders and can work for literally any home.

You just place an order with the seller and let them know your house number.

Each one is made to order so it can take a few weeks or even a month to get the final product. But it’s something you can keep with your house for however long you’re living there.

Welcome Mat

pineapple welcome mat

A simpler addition to your front porch is a pineapple welcome mat.

These mats come in many styles but usually have the same tropical fruit design with the traditional “welcome” greeting.

You’ll find dozens of custom designs to look through and they’re all pretty simple to drop near any front door.

Computer Mouse Pad

pineapple mousepads

For a home office you might go tropical with your own pineapple mouse pad.

A lot of these are cheap to pick up and they should last you a lifetime. Plus they’re a lot better than running a mouse right on the wood of your desk.

Office Notepads

pineapple note pads

You can also add some tropical decor to your note taking with these custom notepads. They’re simply gorgeous to look at with many different sizes.

Some are structured like grocery list pads, others are like post-it notes and some are more like scrap note pads for jotting down ideas quickly.

But any of these pads would make a sweet addition to any home office or kitchen.

Pineapple Clothespins

pineapple clothes pins

This is one of the weirder items that I really didn’t expect to find. But it turns out some people create their own clothespins with pineapple designs on them.

Of course they’re all made from wood and most use store bought clothes pins as a base, then customize on top of that.

I’d say this is another one of those things where you really don’t need it, but if you’re into pineapples you’ll be thrilled it exists.

Mailbox Designs

pineapple mailboxes

Last in my list is a brilliantly-styled pineapple mailbox. Although none of these boxes actually take the shape of a full pineapple—at least none I could find.

Instead they use pineapple graphics, emblems, and custom painted designs to spruce up an existing mailbox.

You’ll find both wall-mounted mailboxes and the more traditional post boxes with the letter flags. Either style works great and there’s a bountiful selection of both to pick from.

But take another look over this list and see if there’s any pineapple home delicacies you might enjoy.

This is also far from a complete collection so if you’re looking for more pineapple ideas then keep searching! You never know what kinda stuff you’ll find online these days.

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