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Steampunk Lamps & Lights for Interior Décor

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According to Wikipedia steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction centering around fantasy steam-powered industrialized machinery. To see this style transform into interior design is exquisite. I went through Etsy to organize this small collection of steampunk-style lamps and lights for the home.

Granted many of these will cost a pretty penny but they are nice to look at. Not to mention you will not find these steampunk-style lights in your neighborhood Pier1 Imports.

Industrial Chandelier

vintage steampunk hanging lights chandelier
Hanging lights chandelier

Metal Shade Wall Sconce

metal iron pipe wall sconce light
Iron pipe wall sconce light

Industrial Wall Lamp

brass hanging industrial wall lamp
Brass industrial wall lamp

Water Heater Lamp

antique water heater lamp etsy
Antique water heater lamp

Turbine Hanging Light

turbine lamp hanging shade etsy
Turbine lamp

Iron Pipe Steampunk Lamp

repurposed plumbing pipe lamp etsy
Repurposed plumbing pipe lamp

Glass Bedside Lamp

rustic vintage bedside lamp telegraph insulator
Rustic vintage bedside lamp

Vintage Toaster Lamp

upcycled lamp vintage toaster lighting
Upcycled toaster lamp

Machine-Age Table Lamp

table lamp vintage parts industrial
Industrial table lamp

Steel Arrow Wall Lights

hanging arrow wall lights bulbs
Hanging arrow wall lights

Sugar Dispenser Lamp

hanging wall lamp recycled sugar container
Sugar container wall sconce

Chemistry Lab Torchiere

standing lamp torch chemistry brass stands
Standing lamp torch

Scissor Extension Wall Lamp

scissor articulating wall lamp extension vintage
Scissor ext. lamp

Victorian-Era Table Lamp

steampunk victorian bulbs table lamp
Steampunk table lamp

Wooden Lanterns

table lamp wooden lantern custom etsy
Wooden lantern table lamp

Futuristic Table Lamp

futuristic steampunk lamp light etsy
Futuristic steampunk lamp

Baby Flame Empyrean Lamp

table lamp steampunk redesign flame fire
Torch-shaped table lamp

Bright Industrial Lamp

vintage edison bulb table lamp steampunk
Vintage edison bulb table lamp

Lampbot 1979b

vintage steampunk robot lamp interior
Robot lamp

The Lamp Post

table lamp post town streetlight etsy
Streetlight lamp post repurposed

Explosion-Proof Cage Lamp

edison bulb cage lamp table design etsy
Edison bulb cage

Brass Lantern

curved brass lantern lamp glass
Curved brass lantern

Vegetable Steamer Wall Lamp

steamer utensil lamp wall sconce
Veggie steamer lamp

Twisted Industrial Desk Lamp

glass insulator wood base twisted desklamp
Wood base desklamp

Magic Box

magic table lamp box steampunk etsy
Magic table lamp

Hanging Pendant Lamp

ceiling lamp pendant vintage retro etsy
Ceiling lamp pendant

Piping Wall Sconce

metal pipe steampunk wall light sconce
Metal pipe wall light

Crystal Skull Vodka Lamp

crystal pipes metal skull steampunk lamp
Skull w/ pipes

Beer Bottle Floor Lamp

steampunk furniture room lamp floor beer etsy
room lamp floor beer

Green Wall Lights

wall light bulbs lamps pipe green bottles
Green wall sconce lights

Edison Lamp

edison light lamp
Steampunk Thomas Edison lamp
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