Top 10 Subreddits For Parents

Every parent would agree on one thing: raising kids is hard.

You can read all the parenting books you want and get heaps of advice from others but you’ll never really “get it” till you go through it. But you don’t have to go through it alone!

Friends & family can always help and there’s a vast array of information online too.

One of the best sites to check is Reddit because so many subreddits directly relate to parenting. You can find advice for newborns, toddlers, teenagers and beyond with plenty of anecdotal stories to go around.

1. /r/Parenting

parenting subreddit

The largest community on raising kids is /r/Parenting. It’s got 160k subscribers and counting with a ton of active members.

On the front page alone you’ll find posts all from within the last 24 hours, each with dozens and sometimes hundreds of comments.

There’s so much you can learn from this community just by reading people’s discussions.

And you can also post topics if you have questions or ideas to share. It’s a very accepting community and no topic is off the table.

One thing I love about this community is the depth of conversation. You can click on a thread that doesn’t seem relevant to you at all, yet you’ll start reading the comments and realize you learned something new along the way.


2. /r/BabyBumps

babybumbps subreddit

Expecting parents will love the /r/BabyBumps sub. It’s full of a lot of new parents and existing parents with general advice on dealing with pregnancy.

The community is pretty large with 50k subscribers and a very supportive userbase.

You’ll find a lot of tips from other parents and mothers who have gone through childbirth. There’s many detailed posts covering twin births, gestation, morning sickness and even more obscure questions.

It’s a great community for anyone new to pregnancy where you can share questions and gain support from others in a similar position.


3. /r/BeyondTheBump

beyond the bump subreddit

So you’ve given birth and want to know what’s next. /r/BeyondTheBump is the place to be.

It’s like a follow-up community for those who have graduated pregnancy and are now in the realm of dealing with a newborn baby.

Of course there’s a lot of discussions on baby problems like colic and breastfeeding. But there’s also a lot of humane advice on just generally surviving as a new parent. How do you cope with anxiety? Stress? Going back to work?

Everyone has a different situation which is what makes this community so great.

You can learn from others and share your experiences to hopefully help others as well.


4. /r/Buyingforbaby

Way too many websites offer the same advice for buying baby stuff. It can get frustrating to find genuine recommendations, but the best advice comes from parents who have been through it.

The Buyingforbaby subreddit is small but invaluable for recommendations.

It has about 2k subscribers with maybe a few posts per week. But the community is fairly active and they have a ton of archived posts on strollers, diapers, cribs, pretty much everything a new parent needs.

Don’t waste your money without doing some research first. This sub is the best place to do that research so you can buy baby things with confidence.


5. /r/RaisingKids

I also like the /r/RaisingKids subreddit even though it’s much smaller than the main parenting sub.

This feels more resource-oriented with videos and articles discussing parenting topics. You should check it out if you want to learn more about parenting but don’t really have any specific questions.

New content gets published almost daily and there’s a lot of great info from potty training to having talks on sensitive subjects and even “out there” topics like meditation for your child.

But with 11k subscribers and a daily active userbase I have to say this is one place well worth visiting.


6. /r/AskParents

askparents subreddit

There’s a lot of very real content in the /r/AskParents sub. It’s like a Q&A community where people ask questions to other parents and hope to gain some insight.

Everyone is welcome to participate here from expecting parents to kids who want other parent’s opinions. You might even have a kid yourself and just want to gain insight from other parents.

It’s a pretty small sub with only 4k subscribers but it’s got quite an active userbase.

Feel free to join and ask anything that’s on your mind. It’s a great way to clarify questions you have about parenting or dealing with your own parents.


7. /r/ScienceParents

Looking for ways to entertain and educate your child? Then /r/ScienceParents is for you.

It’s an entertainment sub with just about 4k subscribers and it’s full of awesome science experiments you can do at home. These range from cool physics ideas to math games and biology like growing flowers/plants at home.

Many posts go directly to science-y type videos on YouTube where the materials and steps are listed out.

But you’ll find a ton of great resources if you have that love of science and wanna share it with your kids.


8. /r/KidsCrafts

Another resource-heavy sub is /r/KidsCrafts full of tutorials and how-tos on crafty activities for kids.

This one’s a bit smaller and full of more article content but it’s still a nice community to follow. It covers a bunch of guides for kids like building models and bug hotels.

I’d say this goes hand-in-hand with the science sub because both aim to keep kids entertained while getting them away from screens.

An excellent subreddit for picking up cool activities and sharing them with the youngins.


9. /r/Daddit

daddit subreddit

Looking to connect with other dads around the world? Then /r/Daddit is the place for you.

It’s a huge community with 60k subscribers and growing. The sub is all about dads, both new fathers and those who have been through the ringer.

But don’t think this is a male-only space.

Anyone can join in asking questions or sharing advice for fathers. It’s a very friendly community centered around the idea of raising children from a male’s perspective.

It can be tough to know what it means to be a father but with support and guidance you’ll learn along the way. This sub is well worth joining as a support network, or as a place to just connect and learn from other dads.


10. /r/Mommit

mommit subreddit

For all the mommies out there you’ll also find /r/Mommit which is just as helpful and fun to browse.

This sub’s a little smaller because it was created after Daddit but there’s still over 28k mommit subscribers and it’s growing just as fast.

Have a question you want to ask other mothers? Want to share a fun experience or idea you had with your kid? This community is the place to be and it’s very active with new posts every day.

And while this list may be missing a few gems it definitely covers all the biggest & best parenting subreddits you should follow.

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