10 Subreddits On Yards, Patios & Landscaping

Every home varies in size but yard care is always on the chore list. From massive yards to tiny lots and everything inbetween there’s always something to do outside.

Learning about home landscaping can be tough but online communities can help.

One of the largest social sites Reddit actually has a bunch of communities on these topics. I’ve curated the best in this list to help homeowners find awesome resources and guidance for their lawns, pools, patios, decks, and everything else outside the home.

1. /r/Lawncare

lawncare subreddit

Everyone wants a gorgeous lawn but this doesn’t come easy. It takes work researching how to care for grass, how to plant new grass, and how to manage your existing turf so it stays green.

The lawncare subreddit is an excellent place to start learning. It’s a sizeable community with 13k subscribers at the time of this writing.

You can subscribe with a free account and start posting questions right away.

Not sure how to identify a certain weed or clump of grass? Want to know the best way to plant new grass? How about spring maintenance after the winter?

All of these questions are easy to solve and you know you’re getting quality info.

The people on this sub are incredibly helpful and many have years of professional experience as well.

In a recent post we covered a bunch of lawncare books that might also be useful for absolute beginners. Pairing these books with this subreddit is a recipe for one gorgeous lawn.


2. /r/Landscaping

You might take your lawn a step further and push with detailed landscaping. In /r/Landscaping you’ll find just as many people who love their yards and wanna show it.

This community is huge and it’s one of the best places to gather information. I’ve seen questions about oddly-colored grass, mulching, dirt patches, flower beds, planting trees, trimming hedges, you name it.

One nice thing about this sub is that it’s very active. You can take a photo of your grass or post a question and within a day you should have some answers.

Plus this community is over 8 years old so it has hundreds of posts saved in the archives.


3. /r/Grass

For this grass-focused subreddit there’s a lot of talk about, you guessed it, grass!

However it’s noteworthy that this community is much smaller than the previous two. This one is about 1/5th the size of /r/Landscaping and the questions are far less active.

But this is also a great community to use if you cannot get answers from the other two.

Grass enthusiasts of all kinds flock to this place and it does get moderated so there’s very little junk.

It may not be the first place you wanna ask your question but it should be on your list.


4. /r/Backyards

Here’s another small yet lovable sub on general backyard life. The people in /r/Backyards are very friendly and it’s a tight-knit community.

But again this suffers from the problem of being a little too small. Actually this might be the smallest sub in my list with only ~400 subscribers.

It still seems fairly active considering the size with a few posts added every month.

You can always join now and try posting every so often to build it back up. A community is only as great as its active members.


5. /r/LawnmowingPorn

lawnmowing porn subreddit

If you’re fanatical about your lawn then you’ll always notice a great mow job.

But what if you could check out hundreds mowing patterns online? That’s where /r/LawnmowingPorn comes in.

It’s a pretty small community but surprisingly specific and active. Subscribers post either photos or videos of lawns with gorgeous patterns and fresh mows with millimeter-level precision.

You’ll also find some videos of golf courses and larger resources with amazing mow jobs. Ultimately a really fun sub for lawn lovers.


6. /r/Gardening

gardening subreddit

To go a little more mainstream look into the gardening subreddit with over 300k subscribers.

Naturally a huge topic like gardening would draw a lot of attention so it’s no surprise to me. But what is surprising is the massive amount of valuable content you can find here every day.

This community moves fast with the front page full of posts less than 24 hours old. This means you can check every day and still find new content.

But it also means you’ll get answers fast no matter what your question is. The search feature doesn’t always work well but you can try searching this sub in Google to find better answers.

You can do that with a small search query such as:

[your question here]

If you replace the part in brackets with your search and punch that all into Google you’ll get results only from the gardening sub. It’s a great way to find very specific information and save time posting repeat questions.


7. /r/Swimmingpools

swimming pools subreddit

The /r/Swimmingpools subreddit proves you don’t need a huge audience to keep an active community.

As of this writing there’s only about 2,000 subscribers. Yet there are new posts almost every day and many of them have detailed discussions about swimming pools.

Cleaning, maintenance, installation, design, pumps, lining… every topic under the sun is open for discussion.

It’s also incredibly reassuring to see so many comments on many of these threads. You’ll find topics with 30+ comments and they’re all incredibly useful.

A fantastic community for existing pool owners or homeowners thinking of installing their own swimming pool.


8. /r/DIY

DIY work is probably a good 50/50 split for homeowners. Some love it, others hate it, and some try it but just can’t get into it.

Anyone who loves DIY work or who wants to be more hands-on with their house should browse /r/DIY. It’s the largest community in my list with over 12 million subscribers.

It’s one of the largest subs on Reddit so there’s a ton of new content posted here frequently. It’s also one of the few places you can get responses within minutes or hours of posting a new thread.

DIY is full of questions, completed projects, how-to videos, and pretty much everything you’d want to know about building things with your hands.

Granted this is not just yard-focused but there is a ton of content on outdoorsy DIY work like patios, decks, and even in-ground pools.


9. /r/Woodworking

woodworking subreddit

A similar subreddit to DIY is the smaller /r/Woodworking community.

Again this doesn’t focus solely on the yard but rather covers everything on building with wood. This does include a lot of cool backyard-type stuff like building decks and chairs for the yard.

I’ve also seen a few posts showing the process of big projects like gazebos from start to finish.

Really awesome content for woodworkers or anyone hoping to learn more about the craft.


10. /r/BackyardPorn

Last but certainly not least is the awesome community of /r/BackyardPorn.

I have to say this sub is pretty small and feels dead with so few posts. But it’s just itching to have a resurgence of new posts and dedicated members.

In case you don’t know about the SFW porn network it’s a collection of subreddits that follow the template SomethingPorn. The idea is to post images of items that are so gorgeous that they’re as enticing as porn… great name right?

Backyard porn is all about photos of gorgeous backyards. This could be photos of your yard or some you find elsewhere online.

Until this community gets going again it’s gonna be like a ghost town. But it only takes a few people posting great content to revive such a small sub.

Thankfully there’s also plenty of other subreddits you can join to share your love of lawns and yards with the world.

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