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10 Types of Animals That Make Great Decorations In Any Home

Sometimes the simplest decorations are the ones that you love the most. Everyone has favorite animals and these can add a unique sense of flair into any room.

But some animals work better than others as general decor items.

These are my 10 picks for animals that offer the most variety of home decorations, and the ones that can work in pretty much any house regardless of style.

1. Owls

wicker owl decoration

The owl is known for intelligence and keen sight. It’s one of the few animals that feels very neutral in a room because it’s not brightly-colored nor very large.

You can find owl designs for pretty much anything. Even simple hand towels or coffee table centerpieces can work wonders.

Owl decor works best for people who want a more nature-focused room like the bathroom or living room.

But you could just as easily replace “owl” with any other bird you like. They can all work similarly as long as they don’t have insanely bright colors or draw too much attention.


2. Butterflies

butterfly wall decor

Another creature that has a lot of decorations is the butterfly. I can’t say this would work in every room but certain items could.

I see a lot of butterfly designs on smaller accents like tablecloths and drinking glasses. This holds especially true with kitchenware and smaller items in the kitchen like a wall clock.

But it’s also easy to find butterfly items for your bathroom or bedroom too. It really depends if you like this creature and want it in your home or not.

Women probably like the butterfly design more than men but it can be fairly unisex depending on the decorations you choose.


3. Tigers

The coolest thing about tigers are their stripes which make impeccable patterns for decorations.

Vases, napkins, doilies, drink coasters, you name it. Tiger designs work for almost any small accent piece in a room.

However it’s easy to go overboard and get a little too crazy with the tiger designs.

Try to keep your rooms simple and focus more on the overall design of the space. Add in tiger pieces as accents rather than main focal points.


4. Giraffes

giraffe tree ornament

All the same rules that go for tigers also apply to giraffes. They’ve got some funky patterns that everyone can recognize regardless of the piece.

Nurseries and baby’s rooms typically do well with giraffe decorations.

But I’ve also seen awesome kitchen pieces with giraffe decor so it’s not crazy to spice up your house with giraffes.

Again it comes back to moderation and using pieces in rooms where they make sense.

Take a look at our giraffe decor guide for more ideas.


5. Seahorses

seahorse home decor

Here’s another fairly obscure animal that many people don’t even think of.

The seahorse isn’t something that can work in every single room, however there is one room it always works: the bathroom.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited a friends house and used the restroom to find seahorse soaps, hand towels, wall art, toilet seat covers…

It’s because these creatures connect with the ocean and the vast landscape of water it provides.

Bathrooms are basically running water rooms so anything connected to the ocean works really well. This holds especially true for seahorses because they have a real unique design and evoke a certain sense of awe.

Plus, who doesn’t like seahorses?


6. Chickens

The chicken is yet another animal that can work in a variety of rooms but tends to do better in one: the kitchen.

Chickens and roosters are commonly paired with cooking whether it’s poultry meat or hand-picked eggs. Many people who prefer fresh eggs even choose to raise their own chickens so finding decorations like that are a no brainer.

Although it can be tough finding chicken decor that isn’t kinda goofy. It’s best to add chickens & roosters as smaller accents like wall clocks or salt & pepper shakers.

If you search online you can also find some really nice wall decorations but they’re usually small and somewhat “out of the way”.


7. Elephants

The big burly elephant is one of the few neutral animals that I think blends into every room.

Plenty of decorations can take up a lot of space but you can also find tiny elephant decor ideas out there.

Wall art is one example but others include coasters, silverware, centerpieces and even key holders.

Why go with elephants? Their color is easy to work with for any room, plus everyone knows what they look like.

Elephants don’t come attached to the African savanna so you can match small elephant decorations with pretty much any style.


8. Foxes

fox pillows

I consider fox decorations much like owl decorations in that they can blend everywhere.

People recognize foxes when they see ‘em and they’re adorable little creatures. Though fox decor varies quite a bit with different colors and styles.

A fox-patterned drapery set may not be as subtle as a simple throw pillow for the couch. Yet they can both work depending on your decorating style.

Really with foxes you can’t go wrong.

They’ll add a nice touch into pretty much any room and break up the monotony of similar colors & patterns.


9. Flamingos

Here’s an obscure one that I don’t see referenced all too often.

The bright pink flamingo is easy to recognize but not always adorned in homes. This bird is one of my favorites so that’s why I had to include it here.

But really I think most bathrooms or bedrooms work incredibly well with flamingos. They’re non-threatening and also somewhat comforting with their simple shape and bright color scheme.

Now with that said, I also don’t think flamingos work for everyone.

You’ll want this bird in your house if you either love flamingos or decorating with pink accents.


10. Bears

Last but certainly not least is an incredibly popular animal for home design: the bear.

This single animal can go so broad with grizzly bears, polar bears, mountain bears and many others. Yes they all have similar shapes but the designs and color choices vary wildly.

The coolest thing about bear decor is that you can match it pretty much anywhere.

Want to jazz up your living room? Try a bear centerpiece or some bear throw pillows.

Or you could do a bear table runner for your dining room. Patterns work just as well if you like the idea of a bear wall clock, bed spread, or even a spoon rest for your kitchen.

There are no limits on how you can decorate or which animals to use.

The key is to find animals you love, pick rooms where they work best and then find small accent pieces that blend nicely with the space.

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